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Minneapolis Light Trails 🚗 2 second exposure of 35W and the Minneapolis skyline. Hope you had a great weekend!

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Buat Nonton Piala Dunia udah nyiapin apa aja nih sobat IM3? Jersey? Makanan ringan? Kopi? Temen nonton? Eittss yang paling penting jangan lupa siapin kuota Freedom Internet sobat IM3. Dengan paket dari IM3 kamu bisa puas-puasin nonton Piala Dunia di aplikasi Vidio lewat Handphone kamu dan pastinya nelpon puas ke seama IM3 dan Tri. Jadi? Tunggu apalagi silakan dapatkan Freedom Internetmu di Outlet Terdekat. More info@im3kalimantan

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Amore - nachdem es jetzt sehr sehr lange ruhig hier bei mir war, meld ich mich jetzt einfach wieder zurück. Ich komme immer noch wenig zum Fotografieren und instagram und auch mein Anspruch daran, wie mein Feed aussehen soll, machen es mir gerade schwer, wieder zu starten. Aber was soll’s, mal schauen, wie gut ich mit kleinen like-Zahlen klar komme.🤞🏻😉#poenieslover #gutenmorgen

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İyi Pazarlar / Happy Sunday 😎

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Classic views from a while ago

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Honored to be included in another AD 100 List. Thank you@archdigest@ad_magazine@ad_italia@ad_spain@ad_germany #ad100@amyastley@alevasseur1@oliverjahnad I would also like to thank my talented team for the never ending support

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Just wanted to reach out and say hello from my little corner of the world 👋 I’ve been knocked down by covid and the recovering is going slow and a bit up and down. I’ve got so many questions the last week about why I’m not uploading any new video. But now you know why it’s been a bit delayed. Im working on a new video in this moment and I aim to upload it now on Sunday! 😃 I wish you a beautiful weekend! Take care of yourself and each other ❤️ And if you still got your smell left, please smell on someone you love! Your dog or your partner or your kid or your chocolate cake 😅 I could just never imagine how important the smell is until I lost it. I guess it’s a good reminder to understand what a gift our senses really are 🙏🏻

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Comporta House, Frederico Valssassina, Portugal

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Railway Bridge

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A group of teachers and students from the École des Ponts et Chaussées visited yesterday the Paris Courthouse with Dominique Rat, Audrey Zonco and Bruno Dupeyrat.

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Scenes from Mount Hood ↟ First slide was taken during my first year on the road, and the second slide is from last week - officially five months into my fifth year Sometimes I wonder just how many moments like this I might have missed if I had chosen instead to stay still all those years ago

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been a minute…

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Closed 🔥🔥GIVEAWAY🔥🔥 Want to go glamping in a yurt? Now is your chance! We are giving away one free night, 2@roamproducts wallets, 2@backpackerspantry meals, and other products from@utahisrad,@g2gbar,@mush,@drinklmnt,@yogitea, and@wildlandcoffeeco To enter: Follow@theroamranch Tag friends who you would bring here Repost and share our story in your story **We will not ask you for a credit card number. If someone messages/calls you for that, it is a fake. Please report and block them** 48 hours to enter and winner announced soon after Must be able to drive to Fairview, Ut Must be used by Nov 15th Must be 18 to enter

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Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas! 🎄

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Happy Halloween!! 🎃🖤🧡

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Budapest Opera 🇭🇺

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Afternoon Activities. Music selected by Juke. . . #sydney #Bronte #fish #gopro

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Magical winter days in the Lofoten Islands. It was a little too nice for my taste but still a needed break from the stormy weather.

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chewed gum

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#PayPalPartner As an outdoor photographer and nature enthusiast, nothing brings me a greater sense of peace and joy as when I’m lucky enough to be basking in the splendors of the great outdoors. Organizations like The Nature Conservancy are working on multiple fronts to tackle the especially critical issues of climate change and biodiversity loss. They are achieving their goals by conserving lands and waters across 70 countries and territories and have so far protected over 125 million acres of wild habitat.@paypal is giving you a way to contribute to these efforts and help protect experiences like mine, by donating in support of The Nature Conservancy in the app or on the@paypal fundraising hub. This #GivingTuesday, please consider making a donation in support of a cause that’s close to your heart with PayPal. #PayPalItForward

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Happy Birthdayyyy🎂🎂🎂@youknowcyc May you always do what you love 💙

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A Brasil Arquitetura vai assinar o projeto vencedor do concurso da nova sede do Google em São Paulo. O escritório ocupará o edifício Adriano Marchini do Instituto de Pesquisas Tecnológicas, um dos mais antigos na Cidade Universitária, campus da USP, em São Paulo. @folhadespaulo@monica_bergamo The Brasil Arquitetura office won the competition for the new Google headquarters in São Paulo. #brasilarquitetura

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Sunset with Kuro

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A Catarina Staric, Responsable de Proyecto y Documentación en ATV, lo que más le gusta de la arquitectura es que es una carrera que no tiene límites: “Tiene muchas ramas, tiene la posibilidad de adaptarse a tu momento profesional. Nunca te aburrís”. Desde chica supo que quería ser arquitecta. Se recibió en la FADU antes de la pandemia, y actualmente da clases de “Arquitectura 2” en esta misma institución. Ser docente le da un plus a su rol dentro del estudio, ya que le permite estar siempre actualizada en la producción arquitectónica tanto regional como mundial. Desde febrero del 2022 trabaja en ATV. Su tarea es hacer un estudio técnico de la resolución del proyecto. Materializar las ideas y cruzarlas con otros factores. Para eso, gestiona y articula con distintas áreas de trabajo, tanto internas como externas. “Lo que se ve como producto final en la obra tiene una reflexión y un trabajo previo de documentación que tienen que ver con mi rol”. Anteriormente trabajó en otro estudio, investigando materiales. Siempre en el área de la vivienda multifamiliar. Lo que más le gusta de ATV es el trabajo en equipo y la crítica constructiva, lo que le permite aprender del error y ser cada día mejor profesional. “Hay factores externos que hacen que los resultados no sean a veces los que esperamos. Pero eso es lo más divertido de la profesión. Siempre hay algo que no te termina de convencer, pero es un desafío para hacerlo aún mejor”. . . #ATVTeam #EquipoDeCalidad #arquitectura #architecture #proyectos #desarrollosinmobiliarios #ATVArquitectos

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“Bali’s Morning” •Location #bali __ Really missing the morning bali vibes 😅, before that lets do some adventure through the sumatra’s land 🙏🤘 __ Shooting using@polarpro -ND 2-5 for Mavic Air 2s Cine collection __@lexarmemory #shotonlexar #lexarmemory #keepyourlenscapopen #kylcophoto

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How many seniors get their graduation photos taken with a plane?!

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One last fall tribute.. This epic shot by the legendary@johnnyadolphsonphotography // 😳. Until next year, wishing ya’ll deep powder and no lift lines #dreambig

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‌ افتخار میکنم به Û´ سال‌ نه هم دبیرستانی ، نه هم کلاسی، بلکه بقل دستی بودن با تو هر جا هستی تنت سلامت درود به شرفت خودت و خانومت که از سیلیکون ولی سانفرانسیسکو رفتین و این پرچم و پیراهن رو به دست گرفتی تا دنیا آگاه بشه

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Temos o prazer de anunciar que Triptyque e os seus parceiros Harter e TN+ são os vencedores do concurso para a construção do Programme d'Accueil et de Confort (PAC) do CHU Rangueil, em Toulouse, França. O projeto, concebido como um lugar de vida e serviço aberto à cidade, contribui para a concepção do hospital de amanhã. __ Nous sommes heureux d'annoncer que Triptyque et ses partenaires Harter et TN+ sont lauréats duconcours pour la construction du Programme d'Accueil et de Confort (PAC) du CHU Rangueil, à Toulouse, France. Le projet, pensé comme un lieu de vie et de service ouvert sur la ville, contribue à la conception de l’hôpital de demain. __ We are pleased to announce that Triptyque and its partners Harter and TN+ have won the competition for the construction of the Welcome and Comfort Program (PAC) of Rangueil University Hospital (CHU Rangueil), in Toulouse, France. A project developed as a giant service hub, open to the city, that contributes to the design of the hospital of tomorrow. Client:@legendre_immobilier + Groupe Les Chalets Architecture: TRIPTYQUE and@harter_architecture Landscape: TN+ Image: Jeudi Wang #TRIPTYQUE #triptyquearchitecture #harter #harter_architecture #TN+ #sante

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El treball de Antoni Alomar la podem el podem dividir en dues parts: Arquitectura i Recerca. La seva part de producció arquitectònica va ser des de la seva etapa d’estudiant fins que es va traslladar a viure a Eivissa (1956-1972), i que va retomar amb la reforma de Vinromà. En aquestes imatges es mostren: -S’Hort del Rei, Palma, 1966-1970. En col·laboració amb Gabriel Alomar i Francisco Prieto-Moreno. -Parròquia de L’Encarnació, Palma, 1966-69. En col·laboració amb Felipe Sánchez-Cuenca. -Església a la Colònia de Sant Jordi, 1969-72 -Institut Antoni Maura, Palma, 1970-74 (Arxiu Alomar-Garau) -Reforma de Vinromà, Muro,, 1990-2015. Foto: José Hevia + Aulets - Antoni Alomar's work can be divided into two parts: Architecture and Research. His part of architectural production was from his time as a student until he moved to live in Ibiza (1956-1972), and which resumed with the Vinromà reform. In these images they show the following buildings: -S'Hort del Rei, Palma, 1966-1970. In collaboration with Gabriel Alomar and Francisco Prieto-Moreno. -Church of the Incarnation, Palma, 1966-69. In collaboration with Felipe Sánchez-Cuenca. -Church in Colonia de Sant Jordi, 1969-72 -Antoni Maura Institute, Palma, 1970-74 (Alomar-Garau Archive) -Reform of Vinromà, Muro, 1990-2015. Photo: José Hevia + Aulets -@setarqcpollenca #SetmanaArquitectura #ClubPollença #ClubPollensa #AntoniAlomar@clubpollensa

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Would love to be back here and get lost in the beautiful mountains #travelswithor

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Good morning from Bali ☀️

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I sink my teeth into their ego And tear a little piece They’re the one that swallowed mine whole So how am I the beast? (S.M. Pastore)

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#architecture_hunter Together with@casualmoveis, we’ve invited the Brazilian architect@sigbergamin to talk about his point of view regarding design! According to him, colors in design and pieces of furniture are the synonym for happiness. Moreover, the architect has emphasized the importance of trusting in children’s approval, which is noticeable when we talk about@paola_lenti_official. “I don’t like anything too serious. When a 4-year-old boy walks by and likes it, it’s a sign that the piece of furniture worked,” declares Sig Bergamin 🎥 an@architecture_hunter original production

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Diário de Campo 🇳🇦 Sexto dia: Seguimos ainda mais ao norte do país, em direção ao Parque Nacional Etosha. Entramos na parte de fotografia de vida selvagem da viagem. Além dos safaris 4x4, o destaque fica pela proximidade de nossos quartos ao waterhole do nosso lodge. A poucos passos dos chalés, elefantes, antílopes, girafas, rinocerontes, zebras e leões bebem água diante de nossas câmeras. ❤️

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The heart is like a garden.  It can grow compassion or fear, resentment or love.  What seeds will you plant there? 🌷

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