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@bvanluyt Left handed time waster, rust collector and just another bloody spoon carver...

2017-10-23 04:39:52

What a difference a drop of oil makes. I use food grade raw flaxseed oil. Offers a little bit of protection and it makes the wood look nice too. #flaxseedoil #woodenspoon #spoonlicious #spooncarving #casuarinaglauca #swampoak #sheoak

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2017-10-23 04:36:14

“Now, stand up straight. Smile everyone! Say spooons!” aaand job done. A dozen bits of Casuarina glauca off to a friend for her to bung into various Christmas stockings. Hard yakka this lot. Sheoak gets quite tough as it dries. I got some birch from a colleague last week. Can’t wait to work on it after all of this lot. It’ll be like slicing cheese. #woodenspoon #whoisrayfleck #swampoak #casuarinaglauca #spoonlicious #spooncarving #thenewwoodculture #greenwoodworking

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2017-10-19 03:34:19

Ha! Spon not Spoon! As well as carving spoons I pull weeds and work with volunteers who help me pull weeds. When not pulling weeds we write about it in our quarterly newsletter. This quarter deserved a spoonful of book review. You can read it here: Thanks Mr the Spoon! #bushcare #barnthespoon #woodenspoon #bushregeneration #spooncarving #spoonlicious #volunteering #missspelled

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2017-10-18 21:44:53

One of my progeny in its new home. Thank you @greenfoxbarking for sending me a shot of one my Banksia eating spoons out in the wild. Its new home looks delicious! #woodenspoon #spooncarving #banksiaintegrifolia #spoonlicious #newwoodculture

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2017-10-17 04:51:46

A little spoon from a little tree. This one came from a mandarin that had turned up its toes. The mandarin came from my friend’s garden and was planted by her late mother. This little spoon went back to its home on Sunday. A nice close to a circle of friendship. #woodenspoon #spoonlicious #spooncarving

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2017-10-17 01:10:34

Been busy again. Half of an order for a friend for Christmas presents. Casuarina glauca (Swamp Oak) that had been cut from her property. The tree had been overhanging the neighbour’s house and dropped a few leaves on the roof. More than a few actually - visitors thought the place was thatched. Anyway, when it came down I was lucky enough to score the timber and now some of it will be going back to its place of origin. Only six more to go. I should be done before Christmas. #woodenspoon #whoisrayfleck #spoonlicious #spooncarving #casuarinaglauca #casuarina #swampoak

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2017-10-11 21:24:40

Hooray for Ray! Ray Fleck makes his return. Close up the two Banksia spoons from earlier this week. #whoisrayfleck #woodenspoon #spoonlicious #spooncarving #banksia #banksiaintegrifolia

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2017-10-10 12:05:55

A brace of bodgy bits of Banksia by Brad. A short series of shots of the work in progress. These two Banksia integrifolia spoons are for a friend who commissioned me to make some Christmas presents (don’t tell the elves that I’m taking their jobs). I deliver them on Thursday. Hope he likes them. #spooncarving #woodenspoon #banksiaintegrifolia #spoonilicious

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2017-10-10 04:22:40

This is my axe. I used to use a little thing not dissimilar in shape to the Robin Wood axe. As any gear freak would I understand, despite it being a perfectly good axe I wanted something different. I’d used a GB carving axe at SpoonJam last year and liked the long curved edge of the blade. I saw this one at a local mower shop a while back. I saw it a few times as I went back with the mower and whipper-snipper, constantly picking it up but baulking at the price. Finally (I think after selling a few spoons) I stumped up the cash for the thing. Compared to other more flash carving axes it was quite cheap but it was still over $100 and I’m not used to buying new things. Real prices are always a shock after doing most of my shopping at garage sales. Anyway, it’s a Stihl 1926 model. I’ve tricked it up a little bit. Sharpened it with a longer bevel on the right side (I’m kak-handed) and I took off a lot of the bulk around the top of the handle. It was quite square and uncomfortable. Finally I scraped of the finish and the big Stihl brand, roughed it up a bit and gave it a drink of linseed oil. It goes ok. #spooncarving #axe #greenwoodworking #stihlaxe #stihl1926 #woodenspoon

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2017-10-07 20:28:47

Day 2 of #IFOW . There are a few less spoons on the table and a different lairy shirt features too. Another two workshops were completed with happy little spoonerds at the end. More spoons were sold and I got rid of a few tools too. Big thanks to Stuart and Suzanne of @illawarra_woodwork_school for organising the event, to Rohan of @thewoollyspoon for his help on Friday and to @paul_crowe_ for his invaluable help both on Friday and Saturday. Extra special thanks to my special shopkeeper who kept the customers happy while I taught. She knows who she is. All in all a great two days and well worth the effort. Great weather, fine food, terrific vibe and a whole lot of woodworking going on. Thanks Stuart. Will see you at the next one. #illawarrafestivalofwood #spoonlicious #spooncarving #woodyweeds #woodenspoon #greenwoodworking

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2017-10-06 08:30:53

Aaaand..... Go! #illawarrafestivalofwood is off and so am I. Was using Acer negundo today. Splits beautifully... #illawarrafestivalofwood #acernegundo #woodyweeds #spooncarving #spoonlicious #woodenspoon

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2017-10-05 21:41:06

Here we go!!! #illawarrafestivalofwood is go!!! All set up and ready to chop. Stay tuned for updates and photos of fingers and bandaids! #spooncarving #illawarrafestivalofwood #spoonlicious #woodenspoon

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