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2017-11-21 19:52:56

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2017-11-21 15:04:02

A cameraman had lined up the perfect shot of the demolition of the Georgia Dome. Then this happened... Thanks to @vanrbradil for share Credit @bbcnews

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2017-11-21 12:25:42

A pilot tries to perform an emergency landing on a highway in Florida, after his engine starts to fail. Luckily both he and his passenger managed to avoid injury in the crash. Credit @bbcnews

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2017-11-21 00:45:18

"Driver incredible calm as she spots a six-legged creature perched above her head while driving." Credit @abcnews | NOCRASH Is this normal for Australia?🤔

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2017-11-20 23:16:53

📽 @bloxstarz - WHEELIES... Another crazy wheelie went wrong... Location: Oakland / California / USA Follow @crashcams & ride safe✌

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2017-11-20 20:54:24

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2017-11-20 17:29:16

Harrowing video shows police officers in Fort Worth, Texas narrowly escaping seriously injury when an alleged drunk driver nearly crashed into them at top speed. Credit @abcnews

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2017-11-20 17:06:09

📽 @debashish_nair - "This would have been a totally different scene if it was my bullet" Location Trivandrum / India. Follow @crashcams & stay safe✌

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2017-11-19 20:40:22

📽 @charbonnet_ - "Just witnessed this off-duty Baton Rouge sheriff cause an accident. The guys car is most likely totaled." @justintimberlake

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2017-11-19 17:46:32

Biker miraculously survived during police chase in Brazil. Please translate, what he talking about? Thanks to @felipe_amarth for share 👊 via @cavaleirodeaco218

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2017-11-19 15:28:12

Amazing reaction... Thanks to @nr_panda for share 👊 Info by @official_lfah - "That happened where i live. Must be an old video. Happened on Newport Rd in Menifee / CA." via @fiftyslay

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2017-11-18 22:06:19

📽 @silas_p_h - "Was going about 90ish, and the one b**ch cut me off going like 65 not using her blinker. it doesn’t seem like it but I almost rear ended her, Tried to get her attention, only looked at her for a couple seconds and didn’t see that the car in front of me was going dog slow like 50 on the high way, by the time I saw it was too late and rear ended the at like 70. If I didn’t have my steering stabilizer I definitely would’ve gone down. My bike was fine, my fender cracked and cowling barely cracked." Location hw395 / Lisbon / Connecticut / USA

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