Erin Lauer Johnson

@erinpilates PMA®-Certified Pilates Teacher, PMA® cec provider, Entrepreneur, Creator and Director of the Pilates Artistry teacher training program. Anatomy Nerd!

2017-10-19 22:46:59

Kari teasering at my studio! ❤️ this one!

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2017-10-19 22:29:23

Feeling grateful that I got to spend time with my friend @kskaflen !!! Such a treat to have friends who are also Pilates nerds!

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2017-10-18 21:38:38

So much fun having my friend and fellow @pilatesnerd @kskaflen visit my new studio!!! Working on shoulder mechanics, catching up, and making plans for Pilates retreats in Costa Rica!!! . . . #pilates #pilatesnerds #pilatesartistrytraining #pilatesartistrytraining #centerlinereformer #pilatesfriends

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2017-10-14 02:16:21

More of Rose McGowan! #truthspeaks

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2017-10-13 16:38:50

More Flipover Friday. Posting imperfection is liberating! We’re all usually doing our best. My handstand teacher would not be impressed with this handstand (because my alignment is not so good), but I was freaked out to handstand on the Cadillac. In class we either use the wall or a person to spot. Handstand did not feel great on the Cadillac because mine is extra padded. . . . #flipoverfriday #pilates #pilatesartistry #pilatesartistrytraining #progressnotperfection

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2017-10-13 16:08:23

Happy Flipover Friday everyone! Still sore from straps class last night so not my best effort. Skin the cat was kinda weak...sorry. 🐈 . . . #pilates #pilatesartistry #pilatesartistrytraining #flipoverfriday

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2017-10-12 21:03:27

Pedi Pull + Ladder Barrel . . . . Thoracic Thursday? Can that be a thing? Sweet, there is already a hashtag. Great minds think alike. Was craving breaststroke, but cannot do it without a spot. I loved this variation with the ladder barrel and pedi pull. Just opened a box from @balanced_body with Slastix and this was their first job! Practicing standing in my arms like I have to do in straps (circus). Say all you want about my ribs, internet, but I felt connected and got a great stretch! #thoracicthursday #pectoralstretch #connected #spinalextension #ladderbarrel #pedipull #sagittalplaneprincess #pilates #pilatesartistry #pilatesartistrytraining

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2017-10-10 10:50:48

Just my amazing 7am Monday class doing swans inspired by @carrie_pages_pilates ! Amazing!

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2017-10-09 03:39:58

I found this ad the on the interweb. My how times have changed. Very interesting! Wate-On! #perception

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2017-10-09 03:08:16

I think I’m getting better little by little at Lyra! Still having trouble stringing tricks together, but having fun.

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2017-10-06 10:58:28

I had a blast last night at Village Pilates! How could I not come if Amy Taylor Alpers is in town?! And look, we did my least favorite exercise! Not so bad when your arms work instead of your neck! Thank you for being amazing, @amyalpers

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2017-10-04 19:54:40

Teaser Tuesday continues into Wunda Chair Wednesday! I think this is the hardest teaser! #wundachairwednesday #pilatesartistrytraining

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