Julia Haptonstahl

@firemonarch PCS, Endometriosis, PTSD, Bipolar2, conversion disorder, healthy foodist, artist, mover, WARRIOR💃🐶🍋 follow villagepilatesstudio instagram

2017-10-20 22:10:05

Some Nikon pics #hollandmi @lildrummer77

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2017-10-19 18:49:05

#lakemichigan #hollandmichigan

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2017-10-18 22:45:21

My favorite album I like to listen to in autumn is Fleet Foxes. Andy @lildrummer77 bought this for me, my first album! Lol, never had a record player so now that he does I have one to play!

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2017-10-18 18:07:01

In Holland, MI and this came on. How ironic :) #puremichigan #autumntrip

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2017-10-18 01:33:21

Congratulations, Dad! You work so hard to make the world a better place. ❤️ @jimhap52

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2017-10-16 16:10:40

I am going to be ok. This isn't meant to bitch and complain, but after my fiancé talked to me this morning after I attempted to go to work and failed and had to be brought home since I could not balance worth a shit, he recognized my chronic illnesses and conditions and was explaining how he has no idea what it's like. He validates me and comforts me and recognizes how much of a warrior I am. I know I'm not alone. I know many of us deal with things. I've had people say "you look great!" Or "what's on the inside doesn't show on the outside. You look fine." I do my best to live life and will continue to. But sometimes I get pissed off because of stupid #postconcussionsyndrome symptoms taking me back home to my couch. Not for long. I'm going to be ok. I am going to live my life!!!! I have no other choice! #chronicpain #chronicillness #tbi #traumaticbraininjury #warrior

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2017-10-15 22:19:56

#indigoclouds Andy @lildrummer77 and I have recorded another song. Really pretty and driving. Check it out on soundcloud! #singersongwriter #indiefolk #indierock #chicagobands #femalemusician #musiciancouples #musicislove

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2017-10-15 15:31:06

Grandpa Hap #navy

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2017-10-15 14:46:03

#pelican #chicago #emptybottle

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