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2017-11-16 20:09:54

These moments were some of the best of that weekend. We were all exhausted after a few days, or more, of acro workshops and training. - We all decided to bail on the last session and drove up towards the Japanese gardens like a bunch of kids skipping school to find some pretty locations for photos together. - We didn’t get many, and they took a while to get to me but i cried laughing at some of the epic captures. 💙💙💙 - Thanks for the adventure friends! @moderntarzan @murdoc305 @acrosprout @highonyoga - Pablo and i are wearing all @aloyoga except for the little pair of hand made acrobat shorties i have on from the multi-talented @duo_die_acrobatics 💙

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2017-11-17 19:17:49

The truth is most of my favorite moments we can never catch on camera. Last night, after teaching class, we were in a Tom Thumb. Liz went to the bathroom as I picked up some spinach and celery. She found me on my way to the frozen blueberries with a huge smile on her face. She scuttled in between me and the cart, gave me a big hug, and looked me in the eyes while saying “I love you so much! I want to cuddle you forever!!” ❤️ We stood there, hugging and nuzzling each other, in a completely empty grocery store, accompanied only by some spinach and celery, for a good 5 minutes before we continued on. This is one of my favorite moments to date. We don’t have much, but we have each other, and that’s all I ever want. . . . . . . Thanks for snapping this 📸 of us @kungfunerd in our @aloyoga 👗

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2017-11-17 13:28:24

Follow @menwithhealth for daily inspiration! 💪🏼 via @mark_edward_g #MenWith #menwithhealth

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2017-11-17 14:54:12

See ya later NYC! Love you all but I’m off to Miami for the weekend ☀️ . With the super talented @emchenyoga both wearing @flexilexi_fitness #flexilexigirls 📸: @mlrtime3

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2017-11-18 03:03:07

@SofiePhoenix in chillsville after another beautiful blessing at a local cleansing ceremony. 🙏🏼 Thank you @svargalokawellnessresort for making our wedding anniversary extra special. 🌸🦋🐣 Check out our insta stories to catch a glimpse... #Bali #Indonesia

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2017-11-17 22:18:25

This morning I woke up without tears streaming down my face. It was a different morning, one that felt like a new day. My heart felt lighter than the day before though still heavy, but I was able to get out for a walk with Sophie. Though my sadness comes in waves, I’m going to be brave and face it, allowing myself to feel whatever it is I’m feeling, without judgement. I’m going to sit with it and face it, and let it pass. I cling on to the promise God made me, that He will never forsake me during my darkest moments. And I hope, that anyone going through the same thing as me will know that You are not alone. Thank you for your healing messages and comments. Just reading them gave me so much strength. Thank you! | 📸 by @sdj . . To thank you, I’m giving you exclusive early-access to @aloyoga’s Black Friday sale. Take 25% off full-priced items (this includes their new holiday line). Just head to their site & use code: SELFLOVE to shop!

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