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2017-05-01 16:26:40

Mark tomorrow on your calendar folks! Tomorrow is Justin Graves day at The Bank. We are celebrating his six years at JCJC with cake and other delicious snacks 😋 Also, he will be throwing the first pitch at the game around 2:45 so be there early with your posters and face paint! #SendingJGravesToMC

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2017-04-25 01:38:44

What a year! #finished

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2017-04-24 13:51:19

And just like that, we are here. Today is the day. Our final FCA! Are you excited? Are you sad? Are you ready? Be in prayer for God's presence tonight. Tell a friend to come! If you have been putting off coming to FCA all year long, tonight is the night you should come! THE Justin Graves will be speaking tonight (@jgravesfca ) this is also his very last FCA at Jones. We will be at the football field (where we started) at 7 tonight. Be there! Let's finish this.

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2017-04-23 17:55:59

Less than 48 hours away from our final FCA. Are you ready?

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2017-04-22 00:44:13

T-Minus 3 days until our last FCA! Have you told somebody yet? It will be at the football field at 7 on Monday night! @jgravesfca will be speaking!

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2017-04-20 17:45:02

Folks. We are making history. We are here. The final hour. Your coaches tell you this is the time of the game to push harder. Dig deeper. This is the last FCA of the semester. Of the school year. The last FCA for the sophomores EVER at JCJC. Don't make plans for the 24th. The only plans you need to make is to be at the football field at 7 because God is going to show up and you better believe He will show out. Get ready. It's about to get real. Tell a friend and tell them ASAP!

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2017-04-18 15:01:13

2 more hours. I can't stress it enough! We have two more FCA's before the school year is done. 2 more FCAs before sophomores leave and head to their future. 2 more FCAs before freshman step up! 2 more FCAs left until summer vacation. Last week was big. I promise this week will be bigger. Be at the softball field at 7 to hear @samdean97 bring the word. Prepare to be moved because God is NOT done with us just yet. If you haven't been here in a while, try as hard as you can to make it! We want to pack it out tonight!!!!!! #FinishingThisSTRONGERThanWeStarted

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2017-04-13 03:42:58

Incase you missed it!!! Here is Luther's and Mason's baptism! God is working guys! Don't ignore it. 2 more FCA's left. 2 more hours. If you missed it Monday night! I challenge you to be there next week! #finishstrong

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2017-04-10 14:44:17

3 more FCA's starting tonight. 3 more hours. Don't quit pushing. Don't stop. We said we were going to finish and that we were going to finish strong. Well here we are. We are almost at the end. Bring a friend tonight to the baseball field at 7. It's Baptism night. #LetsFinishThis

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2017-04-07 14:09:26

Mason Strickland, JCJC Pitcher, killed it this morning at South Jones FCA!

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2017-04-04 16:12:35

We are giving this shirt to every football player who comes to FCA tonight at 7 at the softball field! Be there

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2017-04-03 16:41:12

Nanz said you better be at the softball field tomorrow night at 7 for FCA!

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