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2017-05-03 02:04:35

Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces past and I'm homebound 🎼🎶🎵🎧🎙️📻🎸🎹

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2016-10-12 13:40:36

Soo like yesterday was national coming out day, it was great to see so much positivity for lgtbq+ folks, especially for my friends. I thought I'd let you all know (albeit fashionably late) that I am pansexual, so I like what I like regardless of gender presentation. Gender wise, many of my friends will remember the punk princess days that ended last year, so I thought I'd clear up what's going on there too. I identify as gender fluid or transgender, obviously I have a very male looking face and body and science can't change that yet so it's a particular weak point in my existence. All around, this was coming out a day late. It's known that the gays are fashionable, but we are also fashionably late as well. #pansexual #genderfluid #mtf #trans #transgendered #genderfluid #fashionablylate #nationalcomingoutday #lgtbq

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2016-08-26 03:39:34

The platinum bastard strikes yet again

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2016-06-17 14:52:01

Following these powerlines all the way home - exam number one today, anyone want to hit me with a freight train?

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2016-06-12 00:00:29

Prom was cool, they had a candy bar and played uptown funk.

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2016-06-03 05:48:58

In the iris of the monster, peace is found.

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2016-06-03 05:45:10

If summer time happens in the void, where does spring time happen?

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2016-06-03 05:38:58

But wait there's more #forgetmenot

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2016-06-03 05:37:23

This is Stevie the snail, and it's been two years since I posted a snail friend to instagram, there will be many more to come

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2016-05-11 14:06:31

Quarks and quasars man

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2016-04-28 19:09:31

It wasn't me - shaggy

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2016-04-24 23:07:40


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