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2017-10-20 18:42:31

Our fall squash harvest ideas! A few of these test recipes will be making it to your menu soon! How many types of squash can you identify? #harvestfestival #fallharvest #wholefoods #seasonal #vegetarian #schoolfood

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2017-10-19 15:34:18

It's a beautiful day to celebrate #BigAppleCrunch2017 ! Our team is busy whipping up apple smile sandwiches so come on by @nycfoodpolicy

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2017-08-27 14:16:39

So excited to be teaching with @chefAndrewb at the #kidsfoodfestival at the World Trade Center!

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2017-08-15 23:05:24

Our veggie of the month is.... corn! Do you know when corn was first domesticated?

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2017-07-06 15:22:51

Behind the scenes with #crainsnewyorkstories with Red Rabbit founder Rhys Powell and @crainsnewyork Publisher Jill Kaplan - video link in bio

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2017-06-09 18:42:28

We are hiring passionate foodies! Visit to see our openings #hiring #jobs #foodiesonly #customerservice #leadership

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2017-06-08 20:17:02

Warming up to build a new PLAYGROUND at Be Above. We dropped off some pineapple and fresh baked berry muffins for an awesome event thanks to @kaboom and @target - #freeplayground #grantsforkids #playmatters

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2017-05-24 17:01:08

We had a blast sampling our famous mac and cheese at St Ann School in Yonkers before the spring concert! #kidapproved

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2017-05-18 14:28:19

#Tbt to our summer menu tasting @harlemacademy, where our kid testers weighed in on new summer items like our chicken salad wrap and caprese salad. #kidapproved #yum

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2017-05-10 17:58:11

What a lovely surprise from @aignerchocolates. Got our logo down perfectly! #surprisechocolates

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2017-04-27 18:31:56

#tbt to using all the senses during our Smashed 🍓 Yogurt Lab with #StMarysGate . #wholefoods #cookingwithkids

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2017-04-26 13:47:58

Cheering up this rainy day with some of our #eggplantparm , broccoli and @hotbreadkitchen #parkerhouserolls #whatsforlunch

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