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2017-10-21 15:53:48

BATTLE OF THE DAY: Wolverine vs Hulk (Fox and MCU Versions) - Prep: None Morals: Off Time: Day 3 points for an explanation - *This is a 1 on 1 fight between the characters in the picture* Leave your vote in the comment section! - - @dcmarvel_movies

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2017-10-22 07:17:37

I don't just wander around cemeteries, I cosplay too. I love Dr Strange particularly because like me, he received a devastating blow to his health at the prime of his life. He eventually goes on the use his pain and frustration to do something better for the world, instead of himself. Had an amazing time at Somerset Comic Con and Gaming Festival! #drstrange #doctorstrange #cosplay #marvel #superhero #comiccon #somerset #taunton #elhofferdesign #comics

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2017-10-22 08:11:31

Doctor Strange Mini 2! Winner will receive 10 spots in the main! 10 spots @ $10usd ❤️ Winner will be picked via by rolling two dice (snake eyes re-roll) and randomizing the list that many times. ❤️ All Payments are accepted in US dollars via PayPal Friends and Family only. I will dm everyone when it closes for payment. ❤️ Shipping to the USA and Canada always included in the price. CLAIM YOUR SPOTS BELOW! 1. 2. 3.@zepeda81 4. @spideryguy 5. 6.@zepeda81 7. @spideryguy 8. 9. 10. Good luck! #girlslikecomicstoo #igcomicfamily #comicsforsale #comicsfortrade #comicraffle #marvel #doctorstrange #pgx #stanlee #comiccollector #igcomicbookfamily #igcomiccommunity

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2017-10-21 11:05:19

She's so serious. 😄

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