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2017-04-05 14:48:58
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Rev. Phil Grigsby addresses the crowd celebrating National Public Health Week at the SICM Food Pantry.

@sicm_ny at 2017-04-05 14:48:58

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2017-10-21 15:51:52

Something I would like to make clear: I like that even though I don’t actually take my own pictures, that I am still giving them life. That I can plan where I want to explore and shoot, bring my camera, blankets, fairy lights, a tent, sleeping bags and a map to a hike and carry it all up on the mountain. Set everything up nicely and think about which colors would harmonize with the background, what I want people to feel and think when they see the final result. That I get to spend hours on my laptop scrolling through the pictures, editing, planning when to post etc. I’m very happy that I get to create my own kind of dream world here on Instagram that so many people seem to enjoy just as much as I do. I am also very thankful for the creative people I’ve met that support me and always keep telling me that just because I don’t press the button on the camera, that it doesn’t mean I don’t work for how far I’ve come. That’s it, enjoy this moment from a morning with friends at lago di Instagram.✌🏼

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2017-10-22 02:05:21

PSA: This dress from @nordstromrack is now less than $40 💃🏼🙌🏼😍 Details here: #liketkit #nordstromrack #wiw #saturday #ootd #happysaturday

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2017-10-21 18:15:06

Everything is better, when we're together 💙 Tag your BFF 👯✨

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2017-10-21 23:38:20

All about that mermaid life.. If you need me I’ll be right here 🐬🐠🐳 👙: @tjswim_ 📸: @mvandersluis

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2017-10-22 08:23:11

. #20171021 🍔🍳 駁二大義倉庫內的美式 蛋糕可以 其他中規中矩 #taiwan #life #delicious #burger #americanstyle #instafood #kaohsiung #instagood #beige #food

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2017-10-21 20:56:49

YES or NO??? 😍😍credit @hapatime #americanstyle

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2017-10-22 08:21:58

Guten Morgen, Ihr Lieben!😘 Das Wetter heute ist ja sooo mies 🌧🌫... Da würd‘ ich am liebsten im Bett liegen bleiben... Heut‘ Nachmittag muss ich mich aber noch zum Fußballspielen aufraffen ⚽️ [Frühstücksbrettchen & Tasse by @eulenschnitt | *Anzeige]

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2017-10-22 04:37:19

Ladies night out @equinoxresort 🍷✨🌜 @nicholeciotti @cmcoving

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