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2017-05-09 16:01:29
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Shelly Ford, Deputy Director of the SICM Food Pantry, gets mic'd for Spectrum News at noon to speak about the upcoming PO Food Drive!

@sicm_ny at 2017-05-09 16:01:29

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2017-10-21 22:14:21

Today's @yogafeature by @the_southern_yogi @jessicaolie . Sharing yoga. . Follow @yogafeature 🙏

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2017-10-21 18:46:15

What is on your mind most of the day? What comes up when you are still? What pulls your attention away when you are busy? Whatever it may be, your attitude and thoughts around it will feed it. Giving it energy, manifesting for the good, or bad. Whether you realize it or not, you are giving it power. Where do you want that power to go? What do you want to put energy into? Be mindful of your thoughts, and the way you react to them. You have the ability to shape your life for the good, or bad.

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2017-10-21 20:55:54

When your hands and feet hold secrets of their own .... ✨Every practice is another chance to learn something new (or relearn something that you already thought you knew), and not necessarily to go deeper into a pose or balance longer or stretch further. Perhaps today you observed how a slight shift of pulling more focus into deepening your awareness invited a newfound sense of Self and a renewed dedication to enjoying the simple pleasure of noticing. Eyes open, the magic is right here. ✨🌸

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2017-10-22 08:22:38

"Beyond all the fancy poses, yoga is a personal practice. The journey itself is the destination because of what you learn along the way." ❤💋🥂😍🙏 #Yogalife #Yogalove #Yogajourney #Wheelpose #yogachallenge #yogainspiration #Purposefulliving #intentionalliving #Yogini #backbend #heartopener

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2017-10-21 18:57:07

🌞Even After All this time The Sun never says to the Earth, "You owe me." Look what happens With a love like that, It lights the whole sky. ↠Hafiz 🌞 goddess:@skyy_highh23 ⚓️ photo:@gypsyvibesart

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2017-10-22 01:06:18

✨How to Tittibhasana✨ (Also: “How to get your straddle handstand press faster” 😂) . . These are some of my favorite drills for compression + straddle active flexibility to get your titti or straddle press 🙌🏼🙌🏼 . . Just inhaled a bag of chips + guac ~ Saturday night is starting out on an amazing note 👌👌 . . #TutorialsWithLiz 👗 @aloyoga

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2017-10-22 08:23:30

. Gonna catching up 😅. . #Repost @arifishmama (@get_repost) ・・・ 💥💥💥💥CHALLENGE ANNOUNCEMENT Who wants to learn to fly?!?! #namastefitchicks for #NAMASTEFITTOFLY , a 10 day arm balance and inversion challenge to get your feet flying. . We will play with prep poses, modifications, and amplification to suit all levels of practice! ↪balances begin Oct 18th↩ . . DAY 1: Crow Pose (bakasana) DAY2: Headstand (sirsasana) DAY3: Elephant Trunk Pose (ekapadabhujapidasana) DAY4: EightAngle Pose (astavakrasana) DAY5: Flying Crow Pose (ekapadabakasana) DAY6: Forearmstand (pincha) DAY7: Chinstand (GandaBherundasana) DAY8: Flying Lizard (UtthanPristhasana variation) DAY9:  Handstand (adhomukavrksasana) DAY10: Choice. . . . Follow Hosts: @throwin.shapes @amyyogamomof3 @arifishmama @sharasklar @smashletics @yogamom.journey @aimeemasch @bowlingandyoga AND Sponsor: @namastefitlife Repost to let us know you are IN!! 💙💙💙💙💙💙 . . . #namastefitlife #Yogachallenge #igyogachallenges #fittofly #namastefit #yogalove #yogainspiration #namastefitofficial #yogaeveryday #armbalance #yogastrong #Yoga #yogagirl #whenfa1ryangeljoinyogachallenge #fa1ryangel

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2017-10-22 02:17:10

I was talking to a beautiful young lady from Singapore today who said something to me that made my heart stop beating for a second. The words, “But my skin is so much darker than her” after I complimented her, came out of her mouth, and I just couldn’t hold it in. I knew what she meant exactly. Till this day, in south east Asia having lighter skin is always perceived as more beautiful or prettier. Having been bullied as a child for having dark skin, I started telling this beautiful young lady what I saw in her, and that the color of her skin shouldn’t define her existence. I reminded her that she was beautiful, confident, eloquent and so intelligent. Which is why I’m honored to be apart of the @burjushoes campaign that empowers women to be confident and beautiful in their skin. | 📸 by the amazing @franklin_liranzo | #burjushoes

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2017-10-22 08:24:04

Watermelon Sport Slim Yoga Pants. Comfortable, breathable, super soft and trendy! Shop it at @panaprium

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