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2017-05-28 19:44:49
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i think it's impossible for a photographer to go to a shoot and not stop at a coffee shop while there... ✨☕️ i've got so much stuff coming yalls way :-) some of it including @alyceebyrd too 👯

@destinylawphoto at 2017-05-28 19:44:49

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2017-10-18 20:00:06

Fan site Universo X-Men is reporting that #XMenDarkPhoenix  will feature the warlike, shape-shifting alien race known as The Skrulls. According to their sources, a scene takes place at the United Nations building with the likes of Professor Xavier, Magneto, Jean Grey and Cyclops in attendance to discuss mutant rights. At some point, alien ships launch an attack, taking everyone by surprise. So, that'll be the Shi’ar Empire.. right? Well, although the actors spotted on set were wearing motion-capture suits, apparently they were clearly identified as Skrulls. Obviously it's best not to read too much into this yet - although it is worth noting that this same site did previously get some Days of Future Past and Apocalypse details correct. Plus, Jessica Chastain recently revealed that she wasn't actually playing Shi’ar empress Lilandra after all. The Skrull Queen, perhaps?

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2017-10-18 22:27:57

Which Hulk is your favorite? - - @dcmarvel_movies

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2017-10-18 23:34:11

#DoctorStrange y #BruceBanner demuestran que cuando la fuerza mística y física se juntan, nada es imposible.

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2017-10-19 06:13:30

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