2017-07-04 11:16:27
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7月ですね! 7月のトーンdeすくすくは赤色です。 第一回目終了しました🐥 石橋で行われるおっとっと主催のすくすくは7月15日 #テアトロ ・ルセロ 第二回西宮は7月24日 #プレラ西宮練習室 お越しくださーい🐥 #アンサンブルおっとっと #いろで楽しいリトミック #あかいろ

@ottotto.3 at 2017-07-04 11:16:27

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2017-10-18 23:34:08

Midnight sun in #Reykjavik ❤️

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2017-10-19 06:18:04

If it looks like I haven't gotten any sleep, it's because I haven't gotten any sleep. Six hour flight to #reykjavik accomplished, now a long twelve hour layover! What a way to experience #iceland #travel #sleepy #whereismycoffee

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2017-10-18 18:59:05

From between the clouds a wedge of light sprays across the valley. The mountains clench at the fleeting warmth of departing summer rays. Soon these hills will be enveloped by a thick blanket of snow. Hibernation is near.

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2017-10-18 19:46:37

The magical þórsmörk valley

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2017-10-19 06:16:16

Couldn't resist that we got off the car on the way to vík Again, in the middle of nowhere🤷🏿‍♀️ // #150看世界 🌱 📸 #jyperspective

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2017-10-19 06:15:18

In serious need to climb some mountains ASAP! #takemeaway #iceland #hiking

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2017-10-19 06:16:34

Aurora Borealis 📍63°50'57.3"N 22°12'35.3"W #iceland #northernlights #blessedonblessed #gottalovethatcommentary 😂

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2017-10-18 16:29:59

Hi. I’m Gunnar Freyr. Thanks for following my adventures around Iceland and other cold places. Many of you know me - but as the profile grows, there are also many of you who don’t. So, I thought I’d share a quick word about myself. I haven’t always lived the adventurous life that I do today. Before all of that, I had grown up as an Icelander living in Denmark. I studied business and accounting and later worked at a large multinational consulting and auditing firm. You might ask, why would anyone ever do that? Well, ask an accountant 😊 In my case, it comes from a lifelong habit of sticking to the safe choices and always trying to do the most reasonable thing. Then one day, I realised that going against my own true nature wasn’t a reasonable at all. So, I quit. Slowly I managed to turn my passion for Iceland, exploration and photography into a lifestyle - one that would pay the bills and allow me to follow my passion. But it’s not always easy either. On a constant basis, I’m doing things that I have never done before, always staying on the edge of the comfort zone (outer edge that is), putting my name and reputation on the line – most of the times it goes well – and in the end, it turns out that I’m often my own worst enemy. Being able to create a new industry, one that didn’t exist just a few years ago, is probably one of the things that drive me the most, together with that immense feeling and desire for exploring places that blow me away. I’m also pretty hooked on creating something that I can show to the world. I don’t have any pets, even though I always wanted a dog. I have a girlfriend and nearly 1 year old son. They are the most important treasures in my life. I try to take them along my adventures whenever an opportunity allows for it. For now, I’m primarily focused on my home country Iceland – a place that I feel holds the perfect balance between quality of life and proximity to adventure, something you won’t find many places in the world. Maybe I'll branch out one day. I’m very grateful to all of you who follow me and for all your amazing support – I had never thought it would be possible to have such kind and inspiring followers! #iceland

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2017-10-18 18:36:39

When the hills are on fire⚡️

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2017-10-19 06:20:19

분홍색으로 물든 하늘이 너무 예뻐서 발걸음을 멈출 수 밖에 없었다 . . #페페투어 #여행에미친페페 #여행스타그램 #여행 #해외여행 #아이슬란드여행 #iceland #island #얼음국 #vik #비크 #skaftafell #스카프타펠 #일출 #sunrise

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