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What to do when you're #40weekspregnant + 1 day... get 9 hours sleep ✔️teach a couple of classes to take your mind off things ✔️SQUATS ✔️massage at Happyfeet ✔️clean up house ✔️... ❤️🍷? #pilatesmama #reganzubak

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2017-11-16 15:36:09

☯️ OUR BODY IS OUR HOME☯️ actually after my accident I realized that there is so much more. I learned how it is when your body couldn’t move anymore -that it basically doesn’t work like a “machine”. I never thought about things like lifting heavy stuff, getting normally out of bed, putting my shoes on or carrying my handbag by myself. But than it happened and everything changed. I needed people for literally everything that used to be normal. But my body went through that rough time in life. So I made the decision to take more care of it and respect my body more. Everyday it masters things which seems to be normal to us- but they aren’t. To walk, to run, to sit everything can be so exhausting when your body is not in healthy shape. So respect it more! Eat healthy and don’t feed it with too much junk. Exercise but listen to your body when it wants you to stop. It is our HOME 🏡 take care of it and listen to it! It’s a phenomenon what our body does for us all the time. ❤️ #bethankful #respectyourbody #theyogilina

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2017-11-16 12:27:55

Day 4 of #aweekofgracefulness is #WildThing . Have you ever tried this variation or is it your first time? I love it so much since it is a great heart opener and I am obsessed with all asanas that work on that part of the body. . Hosts: @hana_bladh @micoldelloro @kitty._.dang @wanderyogi ______________________________________ Lovely sponsors: @baseathletica (my outfit) @perfectbalancetraining (my mat) @tinydevotions #heartopeners #positivethinking #breatheinbreatheout

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2017-11-16 08:49:13

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2017-11-16 23:16:22

"If I would not do something - right now - I would never get to live my dreams in waiting." -(Gisela Hausmann) ♡♡♡ Pose inspired by this divine creature @woodspine #nakedyogaartist

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2017-11-17 21:45:17

Practice the pause. Pause before judging. Pause before assuming. Pause before accusing. Pause before harshly reacting and you’ll avoid doing and saying things you’ll regret later. 🤚🏼 #yogaeverydamnday #yogini #yogaeverywhere #yogagirl #yogi #stopdropandyoga #namaste #yogainspiration #progressnotperfection #makingshapes #yogaislife #yogadaily #yoga #yogaisart #yogapractice #yogajourney #yogaheals #selftaughtyogi #truenorth #findyourtruenorth #igyogacommunity #photography #yogaart #birdsofparadise #yogaoutside

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2017-11-17 15:54:03

#yogaisart #artistic #yogawarrior #yoga_feature #whitecollar #yogaeverydamnday #yogabalance #mermaidbind #mermaid #essex #yogateacher #funkypants #picoftheday #shapeshifter #strong #flexible . Life is all about equal measures! Give out what you want to receive and you will be greatly rewarded 💫✨

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2017-11-17 15:58:59

Experience life in all possible ways -- good-bad, bitter-sweet, dark-light, summer-winter. Experience all the dualities. Don't be afraid of experience, because the more experience you have, the more mature you become. -Osho 💖✨ . Day 4 & 5 of #WomenYogaTribe and themes for both days are “love for our spirit” and “receptive energy” and I think it’s ironic that I ended up doing both days in one because these two go hand in hand for me. . Long ago, I treated my body and myself poorly because of my lack of self respect and respect for other people honestly. It was a vicious circle of I’m not good enough, so I do bad things, therefore I don’t DESERVE good. I rejected any kind of honest love and affection because I believed i didn’t deserve it. . Long story short, somewhere between then and now, I began to honor my spirit and myself and I found that when I began to do that, I was able to accept the healing and loving energies that people had to offer me.😌🙏🏼✨✌🏼 (Swipe➡️ for #hakinimudra ) . . Your dear hosts :
🌺 @stardivakhushi
🌹 @mylittleyogi
🌷 @carolineanne92
🌸 @carreyia 🙏🏼✨Super generous sponsors :
@dharmabumsactive #dharmabumsactive #lovemydharmabums@liforme@pranamat@bohemian_island@yogapaws@malamalamajewelry@bunniesandzen_yoga_accessories@gypsyarts@yogisurprise@myyogawheels . .
Day 01 : natarajasana - dancer pose
Day 02 : svarga dvijasana - bird of paradise
Day 03 : uttanasana - standing forward fold
Day 04 : hakini mudra 
Day 05 : urdhva hastasana - mountain pose
Day 06 : setu bandha sarvangasana - bridge pose 
Day 07 : nadi shodhan pranayama - Alternate Nostril Breathing
Day 08 : yogi's choice, connected with our sensual energy
Day 09 : supta baddha konasana - reclining bound angle pose with hand on the belly
Day 10 : yogi’s choice, with an other woman(en)
 #iloveyoga #yogachallenge #myyogajourney #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreatheatatime #practiceandalliscoming #yogaeverywhere #yogalife #yogaeveryday #yogilife #yogini #igyoga #yogainspiration #yogafam #om #mindfulness#yogamoms #yogastrong #yogaisart

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2017-11-18 03:43:53

Sound on 💜 ✖️ "The force resides in all life forms. Use it you can, to quiet your mind." • Clone Wars ✖️ Channeling the force and trying to quiet my mind through movement... • If there's one thing I've learned it's that movement is meditative for me. The type of movement I crave varies drastically... • Sometimes I want to walk upside down on my hands or flip and twist in the air. • Other times I want to turn on some dirty beats and twerk, grind and drop it low til I'm dripping in sweat. • Then there are days I just need to hit the gym and push some real weight and throw shit around. Or swim through water weightless or trudge my way up a mountain. • Other times I need to channel that innate sensuality and primal instincts and crawl around like an animal, writhing on the ground. • And sometimes I just REALLY NEED to access my inner Jedi and combat imaginary enemies in the night... • But regardless of the type of movement one thing is always constant- it heals me. Over and over again, on a daily basis- mind, body, soul. It feeds my needs, releases my tensions... takes over, moves through me, surrounds me and leaves me better off than when I started. ✖️ #fridayflow #friyay #flexfriday #flogasmfriday #idoportal #idoportalmovement #budokon #bdk #yogajitsu #animallocomotion #primalmovement #movementculture #maytheforcebewithyou #starwars #forcestrong #lightsaberyoga #starwarsyoga #jediyoga #jediyogi #jedi #jedilife #nerdlife #thastyogi @kericyoga @filthysith @force_girls #TheJediYogi

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2017-11-16 17:33:32

day three of #alltheprettydancers is the mermaid 💛 this has been the hardest bind for me to explore and find proper alignment, which i'll be honest, i'm still not sure what exactly that is. i try to keep my hips square and my chest pushing forwards while opening and stretching my shoulders (very much the way i do in bed when i first wake up.) this is a perfect push/pull pose for working on balance through the body and breath work— see @shiniyogi for her break down! and check back with me later for our next pose 😊 Hosts @shiniyogi @woodspine @clarissa_mae_ @sdharamr @freedivegirl Sponsor @aloyoga please tag all hosts + sponsor using hashtag #alltheprettydancers 😊✨🌸 and please be sure your account is public so we can see your beautiful expressions of this beloved posture!

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