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Just a reminder to try not to procrastinate during finals week! Studying and writing ahead of time will help you avoid those last minute stress-inducing all-nighters! 😨

@owlsofphilosophy at 2014-12-08 00:08:14

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2017-10-18 19:32:43

Sneaky peak from last @gymshark photoshoot and the new fit collection 😍🙏🏼 Love the color!

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2017-10-17 19:15:25

Always happy when the hotel room has a mirror close to a window🙊✌🏼

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2017-10-17 19:10:11

🔹Looking to achieve you're first unassisted chin up or pull up? . . Working on the eccentric phase of the exercise lowering yourself slowly while staying in control of the movement is a great way to help strengthen the upper body to help progress to a full chin up and pull up 💪 go @lauradowd12 👌 🔶For Personal Training 🔶Buddy Training inquiries or 🔶Online programmes DM me or email me at 📧 Cerena19@outlook.com 💪 #caloriecerena #macromick #achieve #pullups #chinups #progress #babysteps #bulkingseason #exercise #strength #upperbody #fitness #gym #happy #journey #onlyforward #pt #personaltrainer #start #takethestep #weightlifting #buddytraining #weightloss #deniceemoberg #briankeanne #inspired #positive #goalsetting

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2017-10-06 15:04:18

Today’s pre snack before the gym 👊🏼 Strawberry Protein fluff mixed with protein pudding. Topped with pomegranate, pumpkin seeds and hazelnut 😍🍓 @barebells

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2017-10-17 13:38:56

Boootay bootay 🔥 I’ve always thought this one is pretty hard to find contact in the glutes but I changed the grip and put the rope on my hips instead of between my legs. And it worked perfectly, and SQUEEZE as hard as you can 👊🏼😍 Try it ✨

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2017-10-16 18:52:56

I'm a big fan of baby steps when it comes to nutrition in order to achieve your long term goals and to live a healthy lifestyle. So enjoy the food you love but make those small changes to make it healthier and saving some calories along the way. Nothing comes easy and there's no quick fix but once you start just be patient enjoy the journey (and the food😍😍) This photo is a good example start by making small changes 👌 @movingdietitian . . 🔶For Personal Training 🔶Buddy Training inquiries or 🔶Online programmes DM me or email me at 📧 Cerena19@outlook.com 💪 #caloriecerena #macromick #achieve #bulkingseason #exercise #fitness #gym #happy #journey #monday #onlyforward #pt #personaltrainer #start #takethestep #weightlifting #buddytraining #weightloss #babysteps #fit4less #deniceemoberg #briankeanne #positive #goalsetting #nutrition #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #patience #calories

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2017-10-17 17:06:10

In case you think it’s boring to drink your water 😋👆🏼🍓🍋🍉🍐🍊

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2017-10-18 17:18:33

Today’s second video 👊🏼 Core, chest and front delts in one exercise. It’s much heavier that it looks like 😳 Try to do it on time and not count the reps 😭🔥

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2017-10-06 19:26:12

Don’t slice melons with bread knives 🙈💕 A tip from the expert!

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2017-10-05 18:33:11

LETS START THE GIVEAWAY 😍 This is my new absolutely favorite protein bar, really nice macros and the taste is amazing, tastes almost like snickers 🤤🙏🏼 The price will be: Three boxes of the protein bar + Two boxes of the new vanilla protein shake. (Lactose free of course) How to compete: 1. Follow @deniceemoberg & @barebells 2. Tag 5 friends and you’re in! I’ll pick the 5 lucky winners next Tuesday, and you’re allowed to comment more than once 😘 GOOD LUCK 👊🏼

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2017-10-16 15:59:24

I’ve been shooting all day with Gymshark, fun as always 😍! Not sure if I’m going to rest or train today so I share this one instead. A perfect exercise to end or start your workout with to get really good activation in your glutes🔥👊🏼 Save!

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