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2017-10-18 15:50:25

Scissors with the playground ball! Try to press the ball into your shin and shin into the ball every time they meet! #Pilates #stomachseries #playmore #movemore

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2017-10-16 10:23:01

This slow roll through the soles of your feet while standing on a foam roller feels amazing and is so great for your feet and ankles!! Thanks to @amylates for the inspiration! #pilates #footmobility

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2017-10-14 11:46:20

The single leg circle with a theraband is a great exercise for those new to Pilates! This exercise strengthens your core muscles and helps create more flexibility in the back of your leg and your hips- all great for your body if you are one of the many people who sit a lot and have a tight low back! Check out our Beginner’s Pilates Mat 4 week series starting in November to try out some beginner Pilates exercises in your body and feel the difference they can make! #Pilates #BeginnerPilates #gettingstarted

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2017-10-12 14:01:02

#Repost @villagepilatesstudio (@get_repost) ・・・ I 🖤a 55 minute #lowchair class- especially engaging and dynamic when @amyalpers is teaching! And so inspiring watching these beautiful women move @pilatesbypatti @shautekeete @careysadler @rivercitypilates @k_strozak @beabokuvka @bbbrownie13 #villagepilatesstudio #vps #pilatesinspiration #classicalpilates #pilateschair

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2017-10-12 03:01:23

We had a fabulous fun night with the University of Iowa Chaarg group!! What a great organization! #iowachaarg #chaarg #pilates

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2017-10-11 13:49:12

Love, love, love this little sequence first thing in the morning! #Pilates #wakeupyourspine #breathe #movemore #playmore

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2017-10-10 22:56:53

#Repost @villagepilatesstudio (@get_repost) ・・・ 'Put some guts into it!' 💪🏼 When classical advanced mat class looks like this... strong and connected students with a committed and inspiring teacher 🙏🏻 @amyalpers @g_speh @careysadler @shautekeete @shyftnaperville @theliftpilates @frogtemplechicago #villagepilatesstudio #vps #pilatesinspiration #classicalpilates #advancedpilates #classicalmatpilates #matpilates #pilatesmat #pilates

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2017-10-10 11:16:35

When I first started Pilates the one leg stretch exercise was not an exercise I liked but these days it is truly a favorite. I love how the breath and Movement truly feels like it is giving my back/spine a stretchy massage every time I pull my leg in. Learning the details of the exercise and how to do an Exercise well in your body is so important! #Pilates #movewell

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2017-10-08 23:03:29

Chair class with @amyalpers at @villagepilatesstudio! Nothing better as a Pilates teacher than a weekend of learning, getting to be a student and hanging out with Pilates pals!! #pilatesnerding @shautekeete @careysadler

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2017-10-08 01:14:54

Had a fabulous day at @villagepilatesstudio with @amyalpers ! Here's a few pics from our midday Mat class! @shautekeete @careysadler

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2017-10-06 11:28:32

Curious about how the Pilates equipment is different than doing Mat Work? I often explain the equipment as simply a different way to learn and practice the same skills and get the same strengthening, flexibility and body balancing movements as you would in the mat work. The support of the equipment can be super effective in helping us learn how to do these movements better and more efficiently as they give us another learning tool! This rowing exercise on the reformer is a great example - Just like spine stretch in the mat work we are learning to roll through our spine, gaining mobility in our back and backs of legs, strengthening our core muscles and learning to use breath to help us move better. The reformer straps and handles give us some feedback to help our body practice all these great skills! #Pilates #Pilatesreformer

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2017-10-04 17:56:45

A little seal inspiration! ( make sure your volume is up!) #playmore #movemore #pilates #Pilatesinschool

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