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2017-11-22 00:53:45

All da smoke in #ATL in 3 days (Fri)💨 @mammalgallery whole team been selling tix in the city; Nashville buzzin like crazy bout Tmmrw (Weds) @thebasementeast too! All my hustlers Pull up wit ya good clothes on & all da ladies get make sho ya lace front on right n tight! 😂 don’t come wit dem furry eyebrows either looking like that guy on Sesame Street 🤣 dis one Fa da Day 1’s #CoolClub4Lyfe 😎♣️ #WelcomeToThaCoolClubTour (Swipe 💳)

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2017-11-21 22:03:08

It’s all about how bad you want it. Sometimes you gotta roll ya sleeves up & get dirty. Erbody want them chandeliers in the ceiling, but erbody ain’t willing to do wat it takes to get those chandeliers. Stay focused

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2017-11-21 16:49:00

When opportunity knocks you better already be dressed & ready to go! Congrats to the finalists @grip_ss @blee2cold @talaymuzic @kingjaimusic we had over 150+ submissions. Thx 4 erbody that supported 🎉 They followed the rules, had bars, & won a spot as nominee to perform at my homecoming show on Friday in #ATL at Mammal Gallery @mammalgallery . Click the link in my bio & help me decide who should actually perform!!! Video of them rappin on the site. Voting ends Thursday at 4:20pm!! #fanbase #atlanta #ThaCoolClubTour #scottyatl #open4scotty #opportunity #BlackFriday

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2017-11-20 01:42:38

5 Days away (Fri) from the “ATL” homecoming & 3 daze away (Weds) from seeing my Ca$hville family. If you sleeping I hope u wake up wit a crick in yo neck! Independently makin Major Moves! 😎♣️ #WelcomeToThaCoolClubTour #WsupLilBih (Swipe 💳)

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2017-11-19 22:37:11

5 days away!! = Big Announcement!!! 🗣 I'm looking for the dopest artists who wanna open for me at @thacoolclub show in ATL next weekend! I’m choosing one winner! Tag your fav local artist below! 😎♣️ #Open4Scotty Get tix at & vote there starting Tues. #ATLHEAUXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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2017-11-19 21:15:38

“Respect is Neva given ni**a, it’s earned! Real ni**as Neva rush, they wait they turn!” Thank you @trinidadjamesgg 4 letting me rock the stage w/ you across the country on the #FathaFiggaTour Feeding the day 1 fans & earning the respect from the new ones! Keep rising! The grind don’t stop! 🕺🏽😎♣️ (tag the photographer)

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2017-11-19 19:01:52

They wasn’t giving out the type opportunities I wanted ... so I made my own opportunities 😎♣️Ⓜ️

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2017-11-18 01:10:43

Some people needa see it to believe it! Thank u Iowa City for the 🖤 Drop a 😎♣️ below if u eva been to a Scotty Atl concert👇🏾 and u loved it

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2017-11-17 23:20:01

The only word missing from this pic is “God”! I done been thru so much and I’m still on the rise Neva stopped Neva folded. I’m on my 3rd tour this year and next week I start my 4th one. Wit God anything is possible, people gone fail ya but God Neva will. Keep pushin yung ni**a get da money, 🖕🏾da bullsh*t #BELIEVE #ImAnExample

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2017-11-17 21:59:15

Next time u bite my style I hope u break ya tooth 🤑 #audioDope

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2017-11-14 20:38:24

Watch who be happy for you when you got some good news & watch who really don’t give af. Keep ya eyes big and ya circle small. Minneapolis, MN tmmrw.

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2017-11-14 16:29:48

Rolling ball bats! We ain’t have nun so now we want all dat! Life throws curve balls sometimes, keep ya eyes on the pitch, that’s life. ♣️

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