2017-10-16 03:10:14

Great experience at #potchicago including classes with the amazing Cara Reeser #pilatesontour

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2017-10-14 01:32:33

#Repost @projecthappiness_org (@get_repost) ・・・ Eliminate “I’m supposed to” and “I should have” from your vocabulary today! #FreedomFriday

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2017-10-09 03:55:39

#Repost @rivercitypilates (@get_repost) ・・・ Had a fabulous day at @villagepilatesstudio with @amyalpers ! Here's a few pics from our midday Mat class! @shautekeete @careysadler

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2017-10-09 03:39:34

Fun weekend of Pilates education and challenging classes with @amyalpers at @villagepilatesstudio with @careysadler

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2017-10-01 14:54:54

Beautiful early fall day at #palisadeskeplerstatepark yesterday.

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2017-09-30 01:41:28

Enjoying this high bridge/back bend assist borrowed from @carrie_pages_pilates This week I asked @careysadler to help me work on some of the advanced reformer exercises, including high bridge. Carey helped me analyze my movement and break down the exercise. I could get in to high bridge by popping up, but had difficulty articulating up with control. This assist is a great option for working on my articulation and arm strength. #Pilates #highbridge #progressnotperfection

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2017-09-27 23:44:19

Exercise should not be punishment!

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2017-09-15 00:52:30

#iowasunset is a great way to end the day

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2017-09-12 02:37:35

After leaving the mountains a few days ago, I was welcomed back with a beautiful #iowasunset

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2017-09-12 02:29:33

Returned from a road trip to North Carolona yesterday. Enjoyed some beautiful views, including this #sunset #blueridgemountains

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2017-08-21 23:56:54

Cloudy skies limited our view of the eclipse today, but evening showers made for a nice (though brief) rainbow

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2017-07-15 02:52:49

Peaceful night for a bike ride #ragbraitraining #iowasunset #ridesafe

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