Super Vac

@supervacfans We build the toughest ventilation products on the planet for emergency personnel and industrial companies.

2017-11-10 22:01:11

You can find more information about our saws at

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2017-10-20 20:49:07

Have photos of Super Vac fans in use? Use hashtag #supervac

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2017-10-19 20:45:11

Putting together a V-18B here in the shop

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2017-10-18 20:54:25

Quality is the number one priority in every one of our products.

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2017-10-12 19:39:43

The High Expansion Foam Generator is capable of producing foam up to an expansion rate of 1000:1 for tough extinguishments including flammable liquids mining operations and ship hold areas. It attaches easily to any Super Vac PPV.

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2017-10-04 19:20:16

The SVU is the most versatile large scale positive pressure ventilator in the industry. With a wide array of configurations, this PPV is perfect for ventilating large warehouses, commercial structures, high rise buildings, airports, and mass rehabilitation areas.

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2017-10-03 19:56:03


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2017-09-22 19:53:10

Our fan blades are cast in our in-house foundry. We use cast aluminum instead of plastic, since it's more durable and has a higher tolerance for heat. The blades are then moved to our blade grinder, who balances them with precision for perfect alignment every time.

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2017-09-21 21:28:43

Working on more fans at our facilities here in Fort Collins, Colorado

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2017-09-18 16:55:02

Our Valor fans are the standard for quality in PPVs.

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2017-09-14 21:27:51

Valor fans getting ready to be sent out

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2017-09-13 20:57:50

We're posting more cool stuff on our Facebook page - come check it out and follow if you haven't already!

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