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2017-10-22 16:37:48

Ajs baby shower and Eva’s baby shower 💕 can’t believe we having another! 3 years later 😊💕 like deja vu @beyondtruefaith #babyshower #36weekspregnant

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2017-10-22 17:19:34

Teruntuk anak ku tercinta... Dari foto ini membuktikan bahwa kami sangat mencintaimu, sangat merindukan kehadiran mu dan dari foto ini terlihat ada kebahagian yang terpancar dari wajah kami, banyak sekali perjuangan yang udah ibu & ayah lakukan agar kamu bisa segera lahir kedunia dengan keadaan sehat dan selamat sehingga kita segera bisa berkumpul menjadi keluarga kecil yang bahagia, demi km segalanya akan ibu lakukan.... Sebentar lagi kita ketemu ya anak ku sayang ❤ #happymom #mamamuda #mypregnancy #36weekspregnant

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2017-10-20 13:31:55

9 months pregnant! 🤰🙌🏻 Friday Morning "power walk" with 4x 70 second jogs for fun before prenatal yoga! I've been a little MIA on IG since a few weeks ago my dog pulled me really hard & tore something in my lower back making even walking painful 😱 it was a LONG 2.5 weeks of minsdiagnosises, chiropractic appts, & PT visits & REST. But FINALLY recovered earlier this week & started walking again 🙌🏻 Taking it super cautiously now but encouraged to stay active to aid in the recovery process taking it day by day🙏🏼 Baby 👶🏼 is sitting pretty low.1cm dilated & a little effaced at my appt earlier this week! SO Happy I can keep myself moving these last few weeks with walking/exercise again 🏃‍♀️🙌🏻🚶🏼‍♀️never will I ever take the simple act of walking [or running] for granted again 🙏🏼😇

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2017-10-22 23:37:40

When you have totally given up brushing your hair 😂 #mumlife #nohope #whereismycoffee #36weekspregnant

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2017-10-23 01:33:52

Texas State Fair 8 months pregnant with our little girl to say I’m tired is an understatement haha! Can’t wait to take her next year 🎡💕🙏🏻 #myloves #blessed #texasstatefair #fair #food #fun #36weekspregnant #babygirl #nina

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2017-10-22 21:22:15

Kaiya and Kaileb will be here in less than two weeks ❤ #36weekspregnant #maternityphotography

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2017-10-22 23:56:26

Packing (really repacking) the hospital bags in preparation for Charlotte’s birthday! Anything that you think I’m forgetting? Especially C-section mamas 😘 One thing I KNOW I’m pumped to wear at the hospital is my new @shoppinkblush robe. I hope it’ll make me look fresh and pretty for first photos with baby girl! 💕🌸 #hospital #C -section #ivf #ivfsuccess #36weekspregnant #maternityclothes #cutematernityclothes #maternityclothing #maternityrobe #trendymaternityclothes #pregnancyclothes #PinkBlush #shoppinkblush #prettyinpinkblush

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2017-10-21 14:07:47

The point in pregnancy when my belly even hangs out of my maternity shirts 🙃💕 A big belly means this baby is almost in our arms and we're SO darn excited! For now, I'll put on extra long tanks and keep baking this sweet love bug until he or she is ready to come out and meet us 💙💕

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2017-10-22 19:25:24

Otra semana a tachar ☺️. Empiezo la #36 , y cada vez más incomoda en la cama, me levanto varias veces pero hasta ahora dormía del tirón así que no me voy a quejar...

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