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2017-11-14 12:52:04

this is a song with no words

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2017-11-14 20:35:35

My buddy @formgestalter capturing the photo he posted yesterday. Head over to his profile to see what was going on down there 😉

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2017-11-14 20:32:58

"Du sagst, du hast Angst, wenn ich mich soweit zurück zieh, dass du selbst am Horizont mein Segel, dass ich weit aufspann, in den Wind setz, die Flut nutz- nicht mehr sehen kannst. Was bleibt, ist der kurze Moment, in dem meine Spuren im Sand noch neben deinen Füßen sind. Du mich packen und hineinstellen in die Form, die ich dir hinterlassen hab. Bis die Ebbe geht, das Wasser kommt, den Abdruck wegspühlt: mich zurückbringt." • ↠ Textauszug von Lena Stokoff / @stokoffski

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2017-11-14 21:39:30

Sunset skiing at Skeikampen🌅 Who would you ski with? #Norge photo by @itseriksen

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2017-11-12 03:47:56

📸: @crippeakasizzler1 “Someone had told me about that bridge right when I landed in New Orleans and after seeing a couple examples of the architecture, I was determined to go there... When we arrived early in the morning, it was still dark and the weather looked kind of foggy and eerie. I always try and shoot in those conditions as the overcast makes the light very even, which can be great for photos.” | a7R II | 18mm F2.8 | ISO 3200 | F2.8 | 1/100 | #aicdoesthesouth

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2017-11-14 03:02:08

Make sure to view our recent Instagram story and swipe up to learn more about photographer @evolumina his new Artist Profile on the AOV blog. Make sure to show Marcel some love! Be Visually Inspired! 📸 by: @evolumina • 📍 Iceland——————————————— New Lightroom presets have been added to the store! Click The Link in Bio ! | #artofvisuals | #aov | #bevisuallyinspired ——————————————— Articles | Photo Tips | App | Presets ——————————————— 👉🏼Artofvisuals.com 👈🏼

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2017-11-14 20:43:16

Have you followed @mittnorge yet? They post content of the most amazing places all around Norway 🇳🇴 Video by @dennisschmelz

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