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2017-10-20 11:26:22

Tag someone who needs to see this 〰 Model: 🗯 @julianadepoz By: 🗯 @damonloble

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2017-10-19 18:51:32

PARIS I'm coming 🖤 Playing @mamafestival tomorrow night... ✨ 📷by @madame.jules #film #35mm #analogue

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2017-10-20 12:33:12

I sometimes take photos with photographers, don't know if that makes me a model or an influencer. I'm always a free spirit, I hope if someone sees me as an influence it's because of this. 📷 photo by amazing @nancyeichlerphotographie 🙏🏻 #monochrome #boudoir #fineart #blackandwhitephoto #shadows #analogue #analog #filmisnotdead #lingery

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2017-10-20 09:06:45

Wandering the streets of Denpasar with my lady @ririsindah. - #soupnfilm #ilfordhp5 #leicaMP #filmisnotdead

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2017-10-20 14:16:16

#analogue #film #35mm

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2017-10-19 19:55:15

Guys from @kameratori.fi gave me awesome rangefinder to try it out, Canon 7, equipped with really nice 1.8 35mm lenses. Loaded it with HP5 roll, push 800, here we go. Also if you take a look on @cameraventures instagram feed, you'll see where I found this amazing expired rolls of @kodak reversal film. Seems like no Sweden for me this time, I'm really sorry, @doakland @pierreaberg. But I got a Schengen visa opened, and hopefully I'll make it soon to your beautiful country. Nowadays ferry tickets and bus form the north of Sweden to the south are too much for me. Planes from Moskow should be the way. Ok, I completely messed the schedule of my adventure, and probably tomorrow I'll figure out how it should go on now. No more serious thoughts for today. Have a good day, folks, see ya soon !

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