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2017-11-23 14:23:50

Frankfurt Kitchen, Grete Schütte-Lihotzky c. 1926. 🔸Ok let’s be honest, while I’m irrationally obsessed with Modernist kitchens, we here at the Wood House are not so grateful for my cooking on Thanksgiving or any other day. We are however extremely grateful for the friends we have made here on IG. So while you will not be getting a homemade pumpkin pie, trust me you wouldn’t want one, 🙈 We are sending you thanks and much appreciation for your friendship. It means a lot, you are what makes this ride fun! Happy Thanksgiving! _______________ . . . . . . #MargareteSchütteLihotzky #architect #modernist #architectural #modernism #architectdesign #architectureanddesign #bauhaus #bauhausdesign #designhistory #20thcenturydesign #functionalism #modernistdesign #historicaldesign

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2017-11-18 14:59:59


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2017-11-21 11:34:43

Designing your home with different angles and materials is the best way to create a unique house 🙌  credit unknown

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2017-11-23 19:04:09

299/999 Abiteresti una casa assieme ai tuoi amici digitali? 🦄È quello che chiede @design1o1. Ti aspettiamo a @latriennale di Milano​ per conoscere la risposta a questa e alle altre domande ispirate da "999. Una collezione di domande sull'abitare contemporaneo". Dal 12 gennaio 2018. Ci vediamo lì? ••• 299/999 Would you live in a house with your digital friends? 🦄This is the question asked by Digital 1o1. We’ll be waiting for you at the Triennale di Milano to find the answer to this and all the other questions inspired by “999. A collection of question son modern living” . From January 12th 2018. See you there? ••• #digitalfriends #digitallife #house #home_decor #coinquilini #999domande #latriennaledimilano #giococollettivo #digitaldesign #milanodesign #home_design #architekture #architecturestudent #architectureanddesign #designinspiration #art_work #artlover #insta_art #MadeToCreate #aplacetoremember #igers_milano #igers_lombardia #wheninitaly #ig_europa #Milan

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2017-11-24 03:08:10

Our beautifully geometric ‘Butterfly’ Roof soars towards the sky 🦅... . Resembling the wingspan of a butterfly or bird, our impressive Rec Precinct roof is functional as well as fancy! - Its two slanting planes direct rainwater into a central trough, funnelling it to our 2 x 8000 litre tanks to be harvested for use on site ♻️💧🚿🌱 . 📷: @fraser.wm #DFJArchitects #SustainableArchitecture #HabitatByronBay

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2017-11-22 09:27:54

Have you ever visited Germany? 🇩🇪 Tell us in the comments - - Basilica in Goessweinstein , Germany by @horiaki2 - - Follow @ArtFeatured for more 📩 DM us for a feature to 17k people

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2017-11-23 13:09:49

Никогда не любила Зазеркалье — и Алису в Стране чудес тоже. В моей детской битве между девочкой в синем платье и Маленьким принцем всегда побеждал мальчик 💎 Но в жизни больше Алисы, чем Маленького принца. Вот осенние отражения тоже про шляпника, улыбку Чешира и безумное чаепитие. Так что добро пожаловать в Зазеркалье — может, вам оно понравится 🖼 А я пока поищу планету с розой, баобабами и вулканами 🌋

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2017-11-23 06:20:03

Beginning the layout of a fireplace mantlepiece.

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