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2017-11-17 16:13:47

Sometimes the past gives you the strength to face the future, and sometimes the feature is brighter than you think it is. Sometimes when you think you know something, it only means you know nothing at all, and sometimes you arrive only to find out you never even left to begin with. Sometimes what you love isn’t good for you, and sometimes what’s bad heals you in ways you never would have imagined. ❤️ - @rmdrk . w e a r i n g / @aloyoga

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2017-11-19 02:08:38

The world is spinning,but only in grey #backbends #yoga #healing #openheart #blackandwhite

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2017-11-19 03:21:34

In love with my new @rarrdesigns back warmer. #juststretchbitch #rarrdesigns #poleplaystudios #poleplay #teampoleplay #backbends

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2017-11-16 04:14:55

*EKA PADA RAJA KAPOTASANA 2 (KING PIGEON 2) WITH A CHAIR* . . . #angelasyogatutorials . . You probably have heard that sitting is the new smoking...well, I've got GOOD news for you, chairs aren't just for sitting anymore!!! 🙌😻 . . 😻Warm up with some Surya C, shoulders stretches and hip openers. . 😻Place your mat up against the wall and place the back seat of the chair towards the center of the room. If you have sensitive knees place a folded blanket or pillow on your mat in front of the chair. Place your knee on the chair and hook your left foot onto the seat of the chair. Come into a low lunge with your right leg forward, hands on your front thigh. Press your hands down into your thigh and lift up through your lower belly. Lengthen your tailbone down. Engage your front hamstring (you will need this for balance) by isometrically dragging your front heel back towards you on the mat. It should feel like a hamstring curl that you'd do on one of those machines at the gym. . 😻Stretch your arms up and lengthen through your spine. Lift up through your core, stretching your chest up away from your pelvis as you backbend from your upper spine. Feel your shoulder blades drawn down your back and then press the bottom inner border of your shoulder blades in behind your heart. . . 😻One you touch your hands to the wall/chair press your hands into it and use it to lift your heart even higher. Wrap your triceps towards your nose. Push down through your front foot and back knee and pretend to drag them towards one another without actually moving them at all. This will engage your inner thighs and help you find even more lift from your lower belly. . . 😻If you'd like walk your hands down and hook them under the back of the chair. Maybe bring your head back to your foot. Don't force anything. Come out with control. Good luck and be safe! ❤️ . . Wearing: @aloyoga Mat: @melt_yoga

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2017-11-17 03:03:36

"You don’t need anyone’s affection or approval in order to be good enough. When someone rejects or abandons or judges you, it isn’t actually about you. It’s about them and their own insecurities, limitations, and needs, and you don’t have to internalize that. Your worth isn’t contingent upon other people’s acceptance of you—it’s something inherent." - Danielle Koepke | Wearing @aloyoga 💗 ✨ 📷: @selah.yoga_la 💫

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2017-11-16 16:05:18

Are you even human @tatarintseva_poledance ?? Beyond amazing 😻😻😻 . *This is an inspirational post, enjoy! #NotAnAd

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2017-11-18 16:38:28

Incredible! @kevindhofer killing it as usual. Those transitions are unreal 👏

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2017-11-16 16:56:31

Ready to Fly with the New Baby-Pink Yoga Trapeze? ⭐️️ Pre-Order Only Now While Still Available! With FREE Shipping!  In Stock To Ship Beginning Of December 2017! 🚢 ✈️️️ Possibility of free cancellation ❤️ *LIMITED EDITION* *LIMITED SUPPLIES* *LIMITED TIME* . 📸 w/ @nenadiamon 🤗 . . . . . #YOGABODY #YOGABODYtrapeze #yogatrapeze #yogatrapezestand #yogastrong #fitfam #beginner #hanging #aerial #love #getstrong #fly #upsidedown #flip #fun #yogabodyfitness #backstretch #practiceandalliscoming #aerialyoga #progressnotperfection #backbends #yogalifestyle #aerialgirl #yogaeverywhere #inversion #inversionjunkie #inversionaddict

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2017-11-19 01:13:03

"Accept yourself, love yourself, and keep moving forward. If you want to fly, you have to give up what weighs you down." -Roy T. Bennett ✨ I’m so excited to give you guys exclusive early-access to @aloyoga’s Black Friday sale!!! 😃 Just click the link in my bio to see my curated collection of Alo favorites & get an extra 25% off using code: SELFLOVE! #aloyoga 💗❤️

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2017-11-16 12:31:23

Ustrāsana—who doesn’t love this pose? Just the right amount of intensity that doesn’t feel too scary. One of my favs.🦋 #Intermediateseries #ashtangayoga #ashtanga #yoga #backbends #practicedaily #larugayoga

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