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2017-10-19 12:49:42

Ice cold magic at the glacier lagoon, Jokulsarlon. Wanna chase the northern lights with me this season? I have a few spots open for my upcoming tour in Lofoten. #auroraborealis #northernlights #iceland #nightphotography #night_excl

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2017-10-19 13:33:55

"Sweet Polar Bear cube" Photo by: @roiegalitz | 🔥📷🔥 . For more check out his collection! _______________ #beyondthelands_ | #svalbard Selected by: @simona_br_photography

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2017-10-18 16:57:31

Enormous scale. Can you spot the little person next to the waterfall on this drone shot? Actually it's just half meter wide and I could easily jump over it. Sometimes Iceland's scale game is so tricky and mindblowing at the same time.

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2017-10-18 17:43:54

That feeling when I almost came back to the beginning point after 5 nights of oblivious being into the wild. Has already passed 3 months after those days but I’m still not ready to tell you that long story of the best time in my life.

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2017-10-17 18:30:14

Go to Iceland. Shoot bangers. It's that easy.

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2017-10-19 14:57:59

ILLUMINATION: perhaps for those of us who only get the rare peek at these angels of light dancing overhead does such illumination seem so unreal as to redefine what is real and what is possible! There is an imprint in the cells of the witness (in this case me!!) that is a living memory with an undying transmission. Once is a gift and surely enough!! AND how I long to see those angels embodied in dancing light again🙏🏻

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2017-10-19 11:44:50

Hotel in Morocco.

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