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2017-10-16 21:44:01

Yay new @teamallmax pre-workout #impactigniter don’t forget about my #LBDCONTEST giving away 6 bottles of them. Just post a picture doing your favorite workout and use the hashtag #lbdcontest and tag @teamallmax I’ll pick 6 winners by the end of the Day Wednesday #LBDBOOMERANG

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2017-10-17 06:46:58

ANOTHER DAY PUNISHING!!! FOURTH SERIES 55 KILOS 121 LB 7 REPS. OTRO DÍA DE CASTIGO!!! CUARTA SERIE 55 KILOS 7 REPS. . GOD IS THE LORD JESUS ​​CHRIST OUR SAVIOR .. Cry to me, and I will answer you, and I will teach you great and hidden things that you do not know. Jeremiah 33: 3 Clama a mí, y yo te responderé, y te enseñaré cosas grandes y ocultas que tú no conoces. Jeremías 33:3

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2017-10-17 06:04:52

NEPAL ❤️ I am coming to Kathmandu, Nepal for 5 days workshop (30th Oct-4th Nov,2017 ) with @blinknepal. I am so excited and charged up for this event. Let me spread love out there. See you guys soon!! Artist managed by @hashtagde #TheShwetaMehta #TSM #blinknepal #squadrannkillinit #RoadiesRisingWinner #Nepal #kathmandu #roadiesrising #bodybuilding #fitnessworkshop #girlswholift #gym #fitness

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2017-10-17 08:28:03

I’ve been using this WPI + Superfoods for my post workout lately and loving it 🙌🏼 @miniprotein 💕 It’s also amazing in oats and makes a smoothie taste amazing 👌🏽

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2017-10-17 06:00:15

Best Way To Die ? @fitnesslovrs

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2017-10-17 08:16:01

It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen. And believe me big things coming stay tuned انها الاشياءالصغيرة التي تجعل الامور الكبيرة تحدث #self_confidence_not_arrogance #this_is_my_year #in_sha_allah #bigramy #bigramyofficial #bigramyfacebook #ryderwear #bigramytwitter #teambigramy #bigramyyoutube #TeamGat #competeharder #teamoxygen #gorillawear #arnoldclassic #lovemyfans #bodybuilding #ifbb #olympia #dreambecometrue #eatsmart #instagood #love #TheFourthPyramid #my_realm #ryderwear #بيج_رامي #بيج رامي #رامي #السبيعي #بيج #bigthinghappening

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2017-10-17 07:40:29

This is the heaviest squat I have done since my hip injury! 🙌 Weight was 105kg / 231lb which is still a long way from my best .. but it's a start !! 🔥 Since the injury I've really had to re-evaluate my mindset 💯 Instead of comparing myself to my best lifts in the past .. I've had to shift my focus and only compare my progress from the weights that were used in the previous session 👌 This squat was 5kg / 10lb up from last week's workout so whilst it might not be my best .. I know I am still improving 🏋️ If you have suffered an injury .. the road back is possible 🙏 Just be patient , consistent and work hard !! 🏆 ••• On another note .. The weather is heating up and gym was hot !! 🌞 I’m keeping both hydrated and fuelled with one of my favourite supplements from @primevallabs which is EAA MAX 🍼 This is available from @spartansuppz at www.spartansuppz.com and receive a discount with my code STEPH10 ✅

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2017-10-17 07:36:42

#TRANSFORMATIONTUESDAY Started this journey off with pretty damn good genetics and being in petty good shape for the circumstances of my lifestyle. Fast fwd a few yrs. Add in actually dieting and not eating McDonalds every damn day, lifting with structure and a deliberate purpose, substitute countless hrs of cardio instead of partying/drinking 4 nights a week, and VOILA!!! Stop trying to skip the struggle people. This isn't going to be an over night process, so if you're looking for instant gratification, look somewhere else. There will be ups and downs, and times you feel unmotivated, but the body follows the mind. There's always a way to push through it. Make the effort consistent and you're on your way. Yes, everyone's genetic make up allows them to start and/or end at different points, and also determine the amount of time required for certain gains; but I promise you there's no magic pill or substitute for putting in some REAL work. Any of y'all find the "get shredded without doing cardio or dieting pill" please put me on. I rather eat Krispy Kreme and Twinkies than chicken and rice any day of the week! Now let me go get dressed to hit this fasted legs and cardio, so I can eat these donuts later!! 🏃🏽‍♂️💨🍩🍩🍩🐷🐷🐷 #Levels

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