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2017-11-20 19:42:25

I've been nominated with 11 other people for the Personnalité de La Côte 2017. You can find the link in my bio and then just click on "C'est par ici!". Please don't hesitate to vote, every vote counts! • J'ai été nominée avec 11 autres personnes pour la Personnalité de La Côte 2017. Le lien se trouve juste en dessous. N'hésitez pas à voter, chaque vote compte! • Sigfredo Haro / Le Quotidien de La Côte 📸

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2017-11-20 22:49:49

This is Nick Chavis @nchavis92 coming at you with Day 4 of my @asanaclimbing Instagram takeover! This photo from @ofallnationsphotography really sums up how 90% of my climbing days go.😂 I find that I’m attracted to climbs that challenge me either physically or mentally, and the harder I have to work for a send the better it feels when it finally comes together! _______________________________________________ @climbbutora @chakstoneskin #bouldering #climbing #rockclimbing #nosend #project #outside #colorado #frontrange #levelup #goodtimes #levitate

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2017-11-21 05:05:02

Again the competition after 2 months break! At the weekend was the final international competition of this year, China Open in Guangzhou. In bouldering start list 9 of the 10 athletes from World Ranking, the most serious promo of this year. Boulders and organization on World Cup level. I did a good job and won silver in the finals. On the video, the final final boulder. One of the best jumps this year! #madrockclimbing #nihilclothing #definedbypassion #bouldering #competition Снова соревнования спустя 2 месяца перерыва! В выходные прошёл завершающий международный турнир этого года China Open в Гуанчжоу. В стартовом составе боулдеринга 9 из 10 мирового рейтинга, самый серьезный из коммерческих стартов этого года. Трассы и организация уровня кубка мира. Я неплохо поработал и в финале завоевал серебро. На видео последняя финальная трасса. Один из лучшых прыжков в этом году!

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2017-11-20 19:19:19

It’s always nice returning to projects from a few years ago, and making progress! Time to put these fingies to the test... #climbing #bouldering 📸 @james_lucas 😄 @adidasterrex @fiveten_official @organicclimbing

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2017-11-21 03:38:23

Matthew Phillips 🇬🇧 is ready for any slab you got. . . #Repost @matthew_paraclimbing ・・・ Great day at the first @youthclimbingsymposium at @oakwoodclimbing. This was my favorite challenge of the day thanks to @shaunacoxsey and @leahcraneclimbing for the encouragement and also thanks to @ollietorr @freddienaish @patxiusobiaga_pucseries and @melissaleneve for a great day. Well done @robinoleary and @jon_redshaw for a great event . . . @climbskinspain @climbskin @robinoleary @oakwoodclimbing @battleoats @scarpa_uk @justkampers @dmm_wales

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2017-11-21 15:22:47

Do you know this girl? #scaladreamteam #bouldering

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2017-11-21 12:45:26

Boulder 2 at IFSC China Open! This one was a little difficult to balanced on these two volumes at the last part. But it was so much fun! 😃✨ #クライミング #ボルダリング #climbing #bouldering #china #guangzhou #final video by @keijsugimoto

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2017-11-20 19:14:22

Hide and sick was such a rad climb with some of the coolest rock in Maltatal! Make sure to check out the new video from my recent send... link is in the bio! #bouldering photo: @punkaca

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2017-11-21 15:21:14


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2017-11-20 23:19:49

First is a fun little dynamic route with an extreme adrenaline twist at the end for extra spice. Second is a mark of progress as I’m absolutely loving climbing at the mo. Reppin @happysocks at the Arch Climbing Centre In Bermondsey #storror #happysocks @archclimbing #bouldering #climbing 🎥@beth_jennings

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2017-11-21 15:22:36

Só um tapinha, poderia se o nome do problema... Sessão fim do dia no setor do Macumba na Urca. Mau Olhado. Próxima vez a mão fica, como já ficou outrora! 👀 #bouldering #escalada #klettern #rockclimbing #climbing #grimpe

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