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2017-11-20 04:10:04

"Colleen Cappon’s senior year of college was different than most. While she lived in an apartment with her friends, stayed up late doing homework and went to parties on campus, every other weekend, she left school to drive two hours from campus to her hometown of Watertown, New York, where she would undergo chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer." . . . Visit our Facebook page or swipe up on our instastory to read the full article by @people . Share your thoughts below about this story #fcancer #unite #breastcancer

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2017-11-21 17:19:51

first thoughts on being breastless in a breasted world ~ reporting live from the chrysalis. 🌀🦋🌀 this morning i took the ace bandage off to have my first long look. (previously i'd just take it off to shower & quickly put it back on.) my skin is creased from the tight bandage. the skin at the healing incisions is jagged, no clean lines. i see the dark scar from my port. my sternum is swollen & aching as if someone hit it with a hammer. it's a lot to take in. grotesque, yet also incredibly beautiful. as i gaze, i ultimately see the fierce will to live & regenerate. i've joined the club of amputees, but instead of a limb, my breasts are gone. it still doesn't compute when i look down. now everywhere i look in the world i see breasts. nestled quietly under shirts, or some displayed provocatively. small. or heavy. perky. or pendulous. wherever i look, there they are in all their glory. i remember that mine are gone, & mourning rises up. everyone is reassuring me that i'm still a woman, but i can't help to think something is missing, something that placed me in the "woman" category. when trans men transition, they often removes their breasts. the world tells us breasts are a hallmark of womanliness. when you grow up in the world of "breasts=woman", it's shocking to suddenly not be in that group anymore. and unlike those trans men, i never wanted to remove my breasts. but here i am, wondering, what really makes a woman? why is it important for me to identify as a woman? i've spent my adult life reclaiming my womanhood. rejoicing in it. i know i'm still a woman, but now i surprisingly feel that grip on being one loosen a bit. a shifting identity from woman to human. a soul in a body. i'm musing on the idea of body & gender. seeing all the constructs through a new lens. those two mounds of flesh that signified woman, mother, nourishment, sensuality, pleasure, mainstream beauty are gone. i suppose now i'll reinvent my definitions of beauty & pleasure. i have no firm ideas yet & that's cool. i'll be patient with the process. for now i'm still mad, shocked, traumatized, & confused. this is quite the journey, thank you for holding space with me. 🌀🦋🌀

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2017-11-21 21:02:07

To improve the quality of life and the efficacy of treatments for breast cancer patients, researchers are starting to look into the unique genetic profiles of both the patient and the tumor. To learn more about breast cancer treatment strategies and to join the discussion at www.ConversationCancer.com ___ Link in profile ___

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2017-11-21 23:46:16

from @lineyoung - For 4 years ago, I was diagnosed with thyroidcancer, for 2 years ago they concluded I'm rai-restistant. I have had 7 surgeries, my thyroids completely removed. Split sternum surgery, radiotherapy etc. But I used it to change my life and live healthy. I exersice/move min 1 hour every Day with No exception. On the bad days I maybe just step with my iPad. But it have become my motivation to get as strong as possible before my next treatment. I have lost 12 kg and dropped from Xl to m since I was diagnosed. . . . =============================== 💪Follow @weare.survivors 📲 Tag us your story 💻 Click link in bio to get Cancer Survivor Merchandise

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2017-11-17 16:52:33

#WCW goes to this wonder woman who kicked #breastcancer 's ass twice. . FOLLOW (@healthleads) for more 💪🏻 . Credit: Rika Cargill

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2017-11-21 18:08:28

We went to visit @joshtaylorla at a house he was finishing (and looks AMAZING), and our main objective was keeping the girls away from the stairs. 😳We compromised by supervising while the little ones held on and Genevieve sat on the bottom. Why do the dangerous things always look like the most fun? 🤷🏼‍♀️Genevieve loved being "the guard of the stairs." 🤣😍💜

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2017-11-22 03:42:10

Ginger aids in #digestion because it contains a powerful digestive enzyme called Zingibain. Historically Ginger has been used for thousands of years in #Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine as a healing aid and is considered a "healing gift from God" by both ancient systems of medicine. Confucius wrote that he never ate a meal without ginger. Ginger is also great for thinning the blood and part of the natural protocol for heart disease. It does not have the bad side effects that baby aspirin has (ulcers/stomach bleeding..etc). Ginger should not be combined with prescription blood thinners. Numerous studies have shown that ginger is effective in fighting breast, prostate, ovarian, colorectal, liver, pancreatic, and skin cancer. I personally use ginger root powder with all my meals and it helps my digestion tremendously. Whenever I have had a stomach flu, a respiratory flu or food poisoning, Ginger is the first herb I turn to and I heal quickly and with less extreme symptoms. Ginger root is the most effective remedy against stomach flus and food poisoning. Ginger is naturally #antiviral #antibacterial #antiinflammatory and #antispasmodic . Ginger is a natural pain killer and can relieve the pain of a #headache or #toothache . It can be used as a poultice on the skin to relieve the pain of an injury. Ginger is carminative so it prevents and dispels gas. Ginger relieves symptoms of nausea but should be used very cautiously for morning sickness - always consult your doctor first. #holistichealth #holistictherapy #herbalist #naturopath #naturalhealth #drholistichealth #nausea #painreliever #healthtips #healthandwellness #digestiveenzyme #bloodthinner #herbalremedy #naturalcure #hearthealth #breastcancer #holisticnutritionist #holisticnutrition #gingerroot #hearthealth

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2017-11-21 20:32:22

Hoy ha sido un día complicado.Daniela tenía natación y se iba a encargar su padre de cambiarla ,mientras yo me quedaba descansando. Pero a eso de las seis de la tarde me he levantado del sofá,me he maquillado y me he ido a recoger a mi hija. No me quiero perder estos momentos, ni quiero que ella no los guarde en su memoria. Y al salir una chica preciosa @silvimedi me ha dicho mientras me dedicaba una dulce sonrisa, "Hola Maribel ,soy Silvia,mi hija @maruchiprincess y yo te seguimos por Instagram".Nos hemos dado dos besos como si nos conociéramos desde hace años, y al marcharme me ha dado un abrazo que me ha iluminado el alma.Son estos momentos los que hacen de esta red social,una ventana mágica.Un lugar que te hace seguir creyendo en la bondad de las personas.Gracias @silvimedi .Tenemos pendiente un café con tu preciosa hija Mar😘😘😘 Buenas noches FAMILIA BONITA que soñéis con los angelitos😇😇 .GRACIAS POR QUERERME TANTO💖💖💖 . . . #personasbonitas #nomerendirejamas #familiafeliz #cancerdemama #amorinfinito #mifamilia #siemprejuntas #instamommy #miprincesa #sisepuede #sueñoscumplidos #serfeliz #nodejesdesoñar #instamami #nuncaestarde #instafamily #love #miprincesa #mamafeliz #madreehija #madresprimerizas #norendirse #fuckcancer #felizconmivida #viviendomomentos #stopcancer #siemprefuerte #breastcancer #stopcancer #pictureoftheday #picoftheday #breastcancer #madresprimerizas #pictureoftheday #picoftheday

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2017-11-21 08:16:59

. Soy de colores alegres en días tristes y de gran sonrisa en días oscuros. De darle la vuelta a los problemas o al menos poner todo mi empeño en ello. De creer en los imposibles, la magia y hasta los unicornios si hace falte... llámenme ilusa, que lo soy. . Pero quiero ser esa ilusa que busca, corre y sueña por una vida mejor. Y no, no es por querer otra vida, pero quiero ser capaz de ver la mía en el escenario más bonito del mundo. . Porque no tendremos una vida perfecta pero tenemos la gran suerte de poder crear nuestra imperfecta perfección. Solo necesitamos creerlo. . . Feliz día! 💘🦄✨🌈 . . #elcrepdemivida #nuncadejesdebailar #lasaventurasdelcancer #cancer #breastcancer #cancerfighter #cancersurvivor #bepositive #actitudpositiva #blogger #sialavida #persiguetussueños #dependedeti #siquierespuedes #reflexiones

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2017-11-22 09:55:41

Cappuccino pré-radiothérapie ☕️ Petite douceur avant de rencontrer mon nouveau médecin référent au #centrepaulstrauss 👨‍⚕️ #strasbourg #alsace #cafébâle #cancer #cancerdusein #breastcancer #cancerkilleuse #fuckcancer

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2017-11-22 09:42:03

Y después de recuperarme de la cirugía llegamos a la siguiente etapa! Mi primer pinchazo para que el bicho no vuelva💉💪🏼 El marcador sigue a mi favor: María 2 - Cáncer 0💃🏻 #próximodestinoRadioterapia #preparadaparalavictoria #cancerfighter #soyunakhalessi #cancerdemama #mujerdelasmilbatallas #mujervaliente #breastcancer #attitude #estoyalotenemos

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