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2017-10-19 14:53:40

Today is my BIRTHDAY guys 🎊 🎃 double Tap & comment 😎

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2017-10-19 16:32:49

Agree? #PRIMEwayoflife

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2017-10-19 06:13:23

This #RusselWilson speech will make you rethink the meaning of potential. Love this awesome video by @goal.cast

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2017-10-19 14:57:00

The struggle you are going through today is giving you the strength you need for tomorrow. Every setback in your life is making your stronger.

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2017-10-19 15:28:23

- Follow me (@321fact) for more content!💡 - Read⬇️ - A creative barber reckons his new floor will be worth every penny - as he is painstakingly covering it in a hundred thousand one pence pieces. The quirky floor will take 100 hours to make and will be worth £1,000 when it's finished. Business partners Kelly Saunders, 29, and Daniel Culley, 30, have already laid 80,000 pennies but have another 20,000 to go before the floor is complete. They will then cover it in gloss ahead of the opening of The Gentry in Barrow, Cumbria, United Kingdom, next month. Kelly said: "It was hilarious when we got them from the bank. The poor lad was weighed down and had to several trips. "It's been all on hands on deck, we silicon them on, put grout on top, then put a vinyl on top to give it a gloss effect." The pair decided on the unique floor after scouring social media for inspiration. • • • • • • #barber #shop #barbershop #salon #thegentry #cumbria #wtf #uk #unitedkingdom #business #penny #cash #money #floor #flooring #creative #art #inspire #inspiration

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2017-10-19 16:25:42

Double Tap & Tag someone

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2017-10-19 15:33:11

All smiles with @morningsmaria this #Thursday morning! #Solutions

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2017-10-19 18:14:09

So true! #ThursdayThoughts

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