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2017-10-23 21:50:18

Saint Peter's Basilica makes a stunning backdrop for the Ponte Sant'Angelo at dusk. With a solid gray cloud mass to contend with the day before, this was my second day attempting this shot. I'm glad I decided to go for it a second time. Not only did I have more texture in the sky to work with, but I also happened to meet a pair of special individuals standing next to me on the bridge.

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2017-10-23 00:37:55

it’s my last night in nyc and I’m sad, but i’ll be back. this city is always a great & emotional time. I got to see so many people that I love while I was here and I’m going to miss this place a lot ❤️ anyway here’s a rooftop selfie & I’m grimacing because the sun was in my eyes and it was windy

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2017-10-23 23:43:00

Circe Torosian, half made-up in Athens, Georgia 📷

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2017-10-22 18:06:22

Canyon flow ll | Starting to get a bit chilly here in Finland, can't wait for snow and winter!

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2017-10-23 22:35:39


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2017-10-22 19:40:51

My nights are for over thinking and my mornings are for oversleeping ✨💫 I started taking photos a little over a year ago, I geek out and research camera equipment everyday as well as look at photographers from all walks of life, learning techniques & drawing inspiration 📸 I finally snagged @inthefrow for a few minutes to play around with some inspiration from @brandonwoelfel 👌✨

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2017-10-24 00:38:52

Today’s adventure! Mossbrae Falls Northern California. #canonphotography #canon5dmkiv #singleexposurephotography #instagood #dunsmuircalifornia #californiaroadtrip2017

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2017-10-23 08:13:41

Every job has its own keyword and if you’re into realty there’s actually three: location, location and location. For professional surfers I’d say it’s commitment, period. @vascoribeiro and @fredericomoraiis fully committed to their job at the #meoripcurlpro #portugal #wsl #canon5dmkiv #canon200400mm

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