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2017-10-23 09:08:03

And our training camp is to improve your real make you strong and not just to travel we will consider it very much Including each person's mood Everyone's status Everyone really learn useful knowledge in the training. And in just 15 days, learn to learn how to lose weight. Learn how to adjust your heart before a game. We also arrange the game on the last day and hope everyone will train their best to help you improve Our training camp will be the best training base in China. Hainan sanya wuzhishan training base. It is only open to China's heavy lifting team. This is the first time foreigners have been trained. There is no winter here, always clear and bright. Our coach will be the executive coach of China's top coach, lliao hui。We will summarize our courses every Thursday or Saturday. Sum up everyone's training. We can also ask questions immediately after the training. We'll solve your problem in the first place. We will sit down on Thursdays or Saturdays to discuss and teach you how to plan and plan for the training program. At the same time, we will organize the game on the last day of training camp so that everyone can compete with each other. At the same time, the first week of training is regular accumulation and training. The second week of training we will do a pre-game training. I'll tell you about every point before the game. Give you real experience Duration: July-Aug, 2018(15 days) Camp Costs: $2600 US (this covers housing, facility use, coaching, in-house dining, airport transportation, swimming pool, sauna, therapy of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture and cupping ,airport shuttle and travel). For early bird you will got a pair of Chinese weightlifting shoes if your register before May 2018. #weightlifting #oly #olylifting #olympicweightlifting #snatch #cleanandjerk #clean #squats #crossfit #coach #weightliftingcoach #chineseweightliftingcoach #chineseweightlifting #fitness #fit #fitfam #fitspo #frontsquat #backsquat #squatlife #China

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2017-10-23 17:18:42

Full 360 with the snatch save! @kim_eirik.tollefsen with the save at 160kg. So many people sent me this video as a suggestion for greatest saves ever that I had to put it up to see what the Weightlifting community thinks. Keep sending/commenting more suggestions! #weightlifting #olympicweightlifting #olympiclifting #olympiclifts #olylifting #crossfitweightlifting #crossfit #snatch #cleanandjerk #clean #jerk #mcm #mancrushmonday #workoutmotivation #squat #deadlift

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2017-10-23 00:21:03

🏋️‍♀️The UPPERCUT🏋️‍♀️ Tap into ALL of your power by bringing your butt down, through, then up. Athletes often rush this & don't have enough of a "down" phase & end up rainbow'ing the bar in front. This makes it harder to finish behind the bar bc your weight is too far forward. Don't jab the bar, UPPERCUT it. - Tag someone who might enjoy this!

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2017-10-24 01:54:11

#Repost @lindsaypace_ (@get_repost) ・・・ So either a stomach bug has got me or food has betrayed me. 😒🤢 but made the most of today anyway! Even PRd my pause front squat triple. ✌ @catalystathletics #weightlifting #likeagirl #girlswholift #cleanandjerk #catalystathletics

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2017-10-23 15:52:34

Follow @funningtv for the most smoothest bail of the year!?👍🏽👏🏼 I’m glad she’s ok & tag a friend! Clip from @lifter_chick & found by @cwhiton #funning #weightlifting #powerlift #cleanandjerk #fitness #girlslifttoo #washingtoweightlifting

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2017-10-23 20:58:14

Pretty rad day in NYC - lifting at @sohostrengthlab followed by (world famous) pizza 🍕 & doughnuts 🍩 in one of my favorite cities! Having a great time up here filming all week with @universalusa 🎥 I am planning to do a meetup in Philly on Wednesday - details to come on my IG story tomorrow. 🤘🏼

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2017-10-22 22:21:27

Finishing the weekend strong. Video: 🎥 @hasslefreebbc

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2017-10-24 01:30:42

Some times you crush a PR....... sometimes, you don’t... #275ownedMe #crossfit #cleanandjerk #bloopers #needprotein

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2017-10-24 01:48:53

[Swipe] Thought it was interesting how different the depth on all these squats appear. Days where I stretch my ankles more seem to yield less depth in terms of difference between top of the knee and my hip crease, whereas days I stretch my hips more result in a more noticeable height difference. It also has to do with how the movement was initiated - more forward knee travel typically results in less perceived depth compared to more hip travel. Technically, they would all pass in powerlifting and be sufficient for weightlifting purposes. Still however, you should aim to intentionally squat deeper in training so that come competition day you won’t have to second guess anything - unless you jump a command.

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