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2017-10-16 19:13:09

Problemas de espalda? Aqui tenéis un ejercicio básico en la rutina de entrenamiento para todos los niveles: 🔹Aumenta la fuerza y tonifica el core (abdominales y lumbares) y del glúteo. 🔹Mejora la postura. 🔹Alivia el dolor de espalda para todos los que trabajais sentado durante mucho tiempo. 🔹Mejora el equilibrio. 4 series de 20-30seg van a ayudarte a mejorar tu higiene postural y crear un abdomen fuerte. 💥Truco: aprieta con tus antebrazos hacia el suelo a la vez que contraes el abdomen. 🇺🇸Do you have backache? Here you have a simple&great exercise to release that pain and improve your postural health: 🔹Increases core and glut strength. 🔹Improve the posture 🔹improve the balance 🔹Release backache 🔹Helps to tone your abs. 4 sets of 20-30secs!

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2017-10-17 02:58:55

Climb all the things! #thefloorislava @apexnorcal @thebriankretsch @underarmourwomen

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2017-10-15 19:23:29

So many varieties of lunges, yet the Overhead Lunge is my favorite for the demand it places on your body as a whole, and just how much it Challenges your balance and awareness while thrashing your quads, glutes, core, erector muscles, hip flexors, traps and deltoids 🔥 🔥 Talk about More bang for your buck kinda exercise 💸💵

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2017-10-17 05:11:02

So essentially important, definitely to the core region of the spine, the effects of proper posture are beyond important. As "they" say, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Why not start feeling better today and before you know it, you will start to feel like a million bucks! We even have computer assisted equipment for rehabilitation and strengthening your core and then be able to compare to the "normal values" relative to your age, weight and sex. Come check it out, the test is FOC when you mention Instagram :)... Cheers! DA

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2017-10-16 12:27:06

I ❤Core drills bcoz they really help me in my Jump back,jump throughs, give me strength for arm balances and handstands,not to mention make me feel fit and toned!!!!🙅🏼🤸🏽‍♀️💖🐒 . These are some that I swear by: •Navasana lift-ups-15 reps,hold each lift for 3 sec.Try to keep the quads engaged in Navasana. . •Lolasana-15 reps.Try to compress the legs into the chest.You will feel your core and shoulders fire!!!🔥🔥🔥Hold each lift for 3 sec. . •Hollow Body to alternate V-ups: 15 reps. Keep the quads engaged,Toes pointed. Use an exhalation and a sharp dynamic energy. When you lie back in Hollow body,keep the abs engaged my flattening the lower back and keeping a posterior pelvic tilt.You should feel your abs burn!!!!!🔥 . •Tuck jumps-15 reps Try to jump to the point of balance,where the hips are over the wrist. Start small if you are afraid or near a wall,as you do this more often you will start finding the balance point.🤸🏽‍♀️ . Don't forget to turn on your favourite music and have fun with these.♥️🗝🎼🐒💃🏽 . Yogawear: @runandrelax

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2017-10-15 20:35:09

🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀 * #SoDizzy #hairflipsfordayssss 😅 * * * Had so much fun last Thursday at Paradiso CrossFit ninja training with @crystalactivela @jtorrero9510 and @r.b.warrior !!! 😄💪🏼❤️ @paradisocrossfit * * * Recently learned these front hip circles, and am starting to get a bit more comfortable with them! Definitely got to work more on them and clean them up though! It's a goal of mine to learn more gymnastics bar movements! Been messing around with back hip circles too, but still not consistent. I just gotta get on it with training them! 😬 I gotta remind myself that I can't complain about not having movements if I don't even train them often. Right now I'll mess around with them MAYBE once every week or 2- NOT ENOUGH! 😅 Whereas handstands I train for hours everyday, and I train them in a strict structured way in addition to "play" and messing around. * * * 📹 thanks for the filming @crystalactivela ❤️❤️❤️ * * * ❤️ hair by @randcohair #randcohair

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2017-10-16 11:03:03

2 weeks until 📸 & 🇧🇧

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2017-10-13 21:26:38

The tighter you are with that fool, the farther you lean back. Happy Friday homies.💪🏽😎 @FrankieQuinones #CreeperKnows #CholoFit #1stLook #CoreStrength #RepresentEy

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2017-10-16 22:55:20

To celebrate our 💙 here is a 30% discount ( code: WT30 ) on prints : (Link in bio to shop 👖) ... Gypsy Lotus Turq , Gypsy Lotus in Bloom , Urban Vibes, Dreamcatcher Blue and Aztec - good for the next 48 hours. ... 10% net profit of sales of these prints will go to @charitywater💧⭐️ ... Photo 📷 @ina.yoga . . . . . . . #pilates #matpilates #pilatesreformer #barrefitness #movementculture #yogamat #outdooryogi #yogaart #igyogacommunity #instayogi #igyogafam #yogamotivation #stretch #barre #barre3 #barreworkout #poppilates #yogaclass #yogaholic #yogachallenges #corestrength #coreworkout

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2017-10-17 05:28:15

Tuesday here in Pattaya!!!! My soreness is about gone!!!! Wow! Those evening classes are legit....I would not be sore if they were not effective! #corestrength #moran17pearl #mylifeinthailand2017

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