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2017-11-20 16:52:56

There's a good reason why the Swiss mountains are probably my favorite place in Europe. There's so much more to see and do there. Although winter hasn't started yet, I'm already looking forward to long summer evenings spent exploring places like these. (Btw can you spot the family of Ibexes that lives on the ridge? 🐐)

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2017-11-20 20:00:33

Nooooo, Monday again! ;) Luckily i really don't dislike Monday's that much haha. I'm feeling pretty good instead, because I bought a new camera, 2 books and some secondhand wool sweaters. I'm a poor girl now, but oh so happy!

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2017-11-20 18:42:40

Early morning strolls through the enchanted forest 🌲 #weroamgermany

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2017-11-20 20:44:04

↟ How wild it was, to let it be.↟

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2017-11-20 20:13:19

When the faroese landscapes get covered by clouds. Can you spot the tiny person?

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2017-11-20 20:42:37

Wildest dreams. 🇮🇸 Canon 5D Mark III + 16-35mm #canondeutschland *Transparency: promotion / Transparenz: Werbung

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2017-11-20 16:33:53

Electric feel⚡️ // @vizualisa Planning to do some more creative stuff from time to time again

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2017-11-20 20:40:36

Sky high. #connect2create

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2017-11-21 07:15:44

| münchenliebe.

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2017-11-20 19:11:26

The most absurd day of the year. Still in awe how lucky we were to find so many orcas and spend the entire day among these guys. Thank you @beyer_photo for taking me along! More photos on my new FB-page, link in my bio 🐳

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