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2017-10-24 01:53:20

A Pom star is born! Thanks to @kevintachman and to @kibblepet for my first photo shoot last week, and making sure that I always look like I #wokeuplikethis 🐶✨🐾 __________________________________ #pomeranian #kibblepet #dogmodel #photoshoot #pomlife #pomstagram #dailyfluff #weeklyfluff #pommodel #pomnation #igpoms #floof #smol #pupper #dogsofnyc #nycphotographer #nycdogs #brooklyndogs #dogsofbrooklyn #cutepets #doglife #doglove #pomlove #doglovers #dogsmiles #puppylove #fluffydog

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2017-10-23 22:25:08

"Have you ever wondered how your dog would react if you tried to lick them for once?" Tag someone who like Pug. Follow @puppydairy Follow @puppydairy Follow @pug.vdos Follow @pug.vdos From @unilad

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2017-10-23 18:34:31

Besties Fur Lifeeee 🐶❤️ #hotdudeswithdogs

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2017-10-23 18:59:53

"Hey, guys! The previous times I've played Hide and Seek have been very easy. Let's see how I do this time! 😉 Happy Monday! 🤗" - Sinatra _____________________________________________ 📲: http://izea.it/a8s5b9m 📢: "Follow us for chances to win free treats!" - @vita_bone #️⃣: #vitabone #ad

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2017-10-23 11:23:11

🐶 Me hiding From Monday 🙈

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2017-10-23 13:49:26

💬please stop judging me by what you've read or seen on Facebook or Instagram, it's time I stood up (literally) and protected myself from bullying and unkind comments. I am not mistreated. I do not walk. I lean and I'm really not standing, this is all photographed at an angle. Oh, AND I have never been beaten. Shame on any dog owner that would do that for a social media photo or video. . Note from mom: My pups are my life, I started this account to make people laugh, not to be wrongfully accused of hurting Sonny. Especially since he's my baby. And spent the first week of his life in NICU. I retired my golden boy when he didn't want to be in pictures anymore. I don't push my pups to do anything they don't want to do. As you can all see Coco is entering a new phase in her life at almost 13 years old, and not in front of the camera much anymore. Please consider our whole story before you write an unkind comment about us, whether it's here or on a page that may have featured Sonny. It hurts us. 💔 Sorry we had to bring this up and stop our regularly scheduled fun programming 📺😌 #stopbullying #kindcomments #dogmom #bekind

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2017-10-23 12:43:21

Update: All that glitters IS gold #eclair @eclairbakery_nyc

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2017-10-23 17:59:56

Protecting London from a zombie invasion to celebrate the 100th episode of #thewalkingdeaduk #lucile #thewalkingdead photo credit @pinpepmedia

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2017-10-23 11:33:35

"If you think my head is big, You should see my heart" ♡ #dontjudgemybreed #lovethislittletigerprawn _____________________________________________________ ❥@lunabluey@cleothisbe@laiathestaffy@rocca.staffy@love.from.effie@bosse_amstaff@pukthestafford@oscar.thestaffy@cobainthestaffy@addy_bluestaffy@bluebaloo_staffy@zia_thebluestaffy@staffynalabanana@kaja_arty_brownie@tormundthestaffy@laiko_brigante_staffy@arnoldstaffzenegger Check out my pawfect pyramid

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