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2017-10-19 11:08:38

#THROWBACKTHURSDAY - throwing it back to my stinky sock sweater @hellomynameistony made me. When I was a baby.. between the seizures and anxiety, a tight human scented sock felt like a comforting hug.

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2017-10-19 12:22:25

Morning😊 📷 @alcophotos

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2017-10-19 10:56:57

Who types faster? 😂😂 From @bbobbo.y Follow @my.adorable.cats

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2017-10-19 14:16:08

#tbt to when my pawrents first picked me up and took me home. It was the day right before Corgicon so I wasn't able to go (my pawrents got more than enough corgi that weekend anyway 😉). I'm so excited to meet my friends and make new friends at my first Corgicon this weekend! 🤗

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