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2017-11-15 01:39:28

Follow me🔝 Старый друг, лучше новых двух:) Удачи всем, кто в дороге! Again I'm back on old paths. Well, they say one old friend's worth two new ones. Perhaps that doesn't apply only to friends? 🦇 У каждого есть своя зона комфорта, свой режим, свое время суток, свой уровень энергии, которые помогают им показывать наивысшие результаты. Когда вы наиболее сконцентрированы? Может быть, утром, сразу после того, как встаете с кровати? В  таком случае занимайтесь делами, требующими предельной концентрации, именно в  это время суток. 🙋🏻‍♂️ COMMENT YOUR FAVORITE FRIENDS👇🏽 follow me (@artem_klyushin ) for the best posts daily!😳 . ❗️Double tap & tag a friend who would like my account❗️ 👍SOON OTHER COUNTRIES . follow 👉🏽👉🏽 @artem_klyushin 😍 follow 👉🏽👉🏽 @artem_klyushin 💌 follow 👉🏽👉🏽 @artem_klyushin ❤️ . . ALSO FOLLOW MY BACKUP ACCOUNT!! 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾 @klyushin_artem @klyushin_artem @klyushin_artem #авто #автомобиль #автомобили #автосалон #автопробег #автоледи #автовинил #автолук #автопутешествие #автомобилист #автотюнинг #автопати #инстаграманет #инстатаг #машина #машины #машинка #машинки #машине #скорость #дорога #дорогадомой #спойлер #тюнинг #двигатель #мощь #гонки #зарулем #руль

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2017-11-14 17:06:19

This is the definition of a big heart 🙌🏻

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2017-11-14 21:55:13

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2017-11-14 19:54:51

Time doesn't wait. Indecision will only let opportunities slip by. Pick a path and walk confidently with your heart behind every step ❤️ Working with my @tacticaledgeusa warfighter rifle #tacticaltuesday 1911 @rockislandarmory Hitting: @xsteel_targets Hat & pants: @511tactical Shirt: @bombshellsquadofficial #girls #guns #xsteel #AR15 #dedication #drive #training #fun

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2017-11-15 05:11:07

mini coop! #drive #cnn #ph

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2017-11-14 21:03:51

#100to0 : Do you ever look at anyone who is absolutely relentless in their pursuit of a goal and think “I wish I had the ability to be relentless like that”. . “I wish I could endure like that” . “I wish I had that persons drive” . Look at anyone who has put themselves through the hardest of circumstances: . Running a marathon. . Doing an Ironman. . Running a 4 minute mile. . Climbing Mt Everest. . Starting a business from nothing and staying with it for 10 years without a paycheck. . Going through Navy Seal BUD/S School. . There are literally 1000 things I could list that sound and ARE extremely difficult...and make people wonder “How did they do that?”. . You know how they did that? . Its simple: THEY KNEW & VALUED THE REASON WHY THEY WERE DOING IT MORE THAN THEY FEARED THE PAIN. . Thats what THEY have that you dont. . They understand the reasoning behind their actions. . ...but you CAN learn it. . This is why in business we talk about “Passion” being so important because: . 1. When money isnt flowing in (and that is going to happen) youre going to need something to pull you through. . 2. If youre not passionate about what you do you will eventually come up against someone who is and YOU WILL LOSE TO THAT PERSON. . 3. Passion begets innovation & creativity. It creates new thoughts, ideas & competitive advantages that didnt exist before. . Passion is not some fluffy abstract concept. Its very practical. . We dive into this and many other topics in todays episode of The MFCEO Project: Impact Over Income w/special guest @jpdinnell. This is a MUST LISTEN Episode. JP is a former Navy Seal who has transitioned into the business world and has a lot of great insight into success principles he learned in being a SEAL that have transitioned into his entrepreneurial journey. . 🚨Episode available at link in bio above!🚨 . 🚨PLEASE HIT SUBSCRIBE! 🚨

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2017-11-14 20:23:36

What do you all think? 😂😂 | 🎥: @illumaesthetic | #speedsuspects __________________________________________________________ This video is used solely for entertainment purposes and if the original owner would like to have it removed or if proper credit was not given and needs to be corrected, please send us a direct message or email us at speedsuspects@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible. __________________________________________________________

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2017-11-14 18:24:16

Rise and shine with the #HondaCivic Type R.

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