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2017-10-15 23:24:43

Enjoying a glass of red with my meal from @nutritionsolutions on this beautiful night 🤙😎😎 _ I love having a glass or two of red wine during the week with my meals.. I also enjoy some of the benefits red wine has to offer. Red wine is known to be loaded with antioxidants & also has the ability to improve cholesterol, fight free radical damage, help manage diabetes, fight obesity and prevent cognitive decline. 🤙 Enjoy. 🍷 _ Tonight’s 🥘 - Triathlete’s Turkey _ My meals are delicious!! I’ve been getting meal preps from @NutritionSolutions & it’s worth every dollar! I’m saving money and getting great quality food delivered right to my door. 👍💪 #Allnatural #HormoneFree _ Save $10 on meals from @nutritionsolutions using my code "BkTank10" Clink link on their page. ✅ #EatRight

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2017-10-15 20:04:29

PROTEIN! IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT MEAT _______________________________________________________ 👉🏼Some of the best Vegetarian sources of below in answer to your question @bunnia 😘 ➖Eggs - 5g each ➖Tofu - 12g per 100g ➖Tempeh - 23g per 100g serve ➖Soy milk - 8g per cup ➖Low fat dairy Milk - 9g per cup ➖Low fat cheese - 9g per 40g serve ➖Low fat Yoghurt - 10g per 150g serve ➖Beans (chick peas, kidney, mung, soya, black, etc) - 6g per 1/2 cup ➖Lentils - 9g per 1/2 cup ➖Nuts and seeds - 5-6g per 30g serve ➖Nut pastes (with no added sugar) - 5g per 20g serve ➖Quinoa - 4g per 1/2 cup serve ➖Peas - 4g per 1/2 cup serve _______________________________________________________ Crumbed Tofu on reco from @fortheloveoffood_akc88 🙏🏾🙏🏾. It was delish!

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2017-10-17 05:49:16

🍲ce matin dans mon assiette 🥄complete vanille * 🥄graines de chia & de lin 🥄lait de soja 🥄banane 🥄amandes 🥄mon Aloel* 🥄café 🥄mes capsules premium* 😀😀😀 . Bon petit dej a tous 😘😘😘 et vous c'était quoi votre petit dej ce matin les ptits loups ? . . -------------------------------------------------------------- *plus d'infos sur mon blog 👉 lien dans ma bio . . #nutrition #weightloss #eat #eatright #eatrightnotless #healthyfood #food #nutrition #breakfast #eatclean #instafood #foodpic #foodpics #breakfasttime #healthylife #healthydiet #cleaneating #yummy #eatingclean #health #healthy #healthychoices #instagood #instahealth #lifestyle #motivation #fruits #healthygirl #fitnessfood #végétale #yum

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2017-10-16 19:32:08

How good does this look?! Fruit bowls are perfect for breakfast, lunch, or even dessert.. 💙🙌🏼💜 Would you try this?! Comment below👇🏼💬 & tag a friend that should follow us!!💕🤗🙌🏼 Repost from: @naturally.jo #healthy #healthyfood #foodie #healthydiet #diet #eatright #weightloss #motivation #foodinspo #weightlossjourney #fitfood #fitnessjourney #lowcarb #vegan #plantbased #smoothiebowl #fruit #eatclean #mealprep #glutenfree #organic #vegetarian #wholefoods #nutrition

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2017-10-15 14:28:53

Why do I share this? . ☝🏻Because I posted a nice matcha protein waffle image yesterday as if I am having so much fun and pretending I am soo happy and positive! I am generally a happy and positive person but not lately! . 👉🏻The truth is, I just wanted to give what you wanted but I feel sh*t since 3 days!. This is just social media and some people act like they have an amazing life, they eat healthy ALL the time where they’re actually miserable and waiting for your likes and comments, because that makes them happy!🤦🏻‍♀️ . 👵🏼vs👩🏼 The reason I share this image of mine is because I know how things look so differently in real life and on social media.. I don’t want you to compare yourself/foods with someone else/else’s! You’re not in a competition and you don’t have to beat anyone! You should ONLY compete with one person: YOURSELF! Become your own rival! Do one thing every day that brings you closer to solving your perceived problem. One thing at a time! . ‼️No one is perfect. That’s why there is this thing called; PHOTOSHOPPING!🙈 . 💪🏻Now I don’t want to hear any of you saying; I can’t! I encourage you to force your limits and feel uncomfortable! Because that’s your happy place. That’s where most people stop. But not you!! ————————————————— 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷⬇️ Türkce meali (🙄) yorumlarda! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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2017-10-16 15:09:23

These cozy spaghetti squash tuna noodle casserole boats (made with a homemade coconut milk mushroom sauce and grain-free crackers) are happening #ontheblog today. If you grew up on tuna noodle casserole you're going to get all the nostalgic feels when you try this healthy spin on the comfort food classic. . Recipe is made with #genovaseafood #partner . Grab the link via my profile . . . #eatingbirdfood #glutenfree #grainfree #paleo #lowcarb #thenewhealthy #iamwellandgood #greatistyou #fitfoodie #eatright #goodeats #foodie #foodlove #eathealthy #foodforthought #buzzfeast #todayfood #youarewhatyoueat #eeeeeats #rvaeats #healthyrva #plantpower #instafood #healthyfoodshare #thechalkboardeats #eatingwelleats #mindbodygram https://www.eatingbirdfood.com/spaghetti-squash-tuna-noodle-casserole/

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2017-10-17 05:52:15

Posting an old pic in celebration! Today, everything begins anew. It's 3 AM and I just finished building the website - check it out at organicnhappy.com! I wrote a long post about my past, and my journey to get to this point. On a lighter note, I can't wait to start posting recipes! What do you want to see first? Join the mailing list by scrolling to the bottom! ↠ ORGANICNHAPPY.COM // Repost: @organicandhappy // @healthyeatingteam #eatwell #eatright #fuelyourbody #cleaneats #healthyliving #foodisfuel #musclefood #youarewhatyoueat #mealprep #lowcalorie #mealpreplife #eatforhealth #sundaymealprep #justeatrealfood #mealplanning #mealpreponfleek #mealprepsunday #healthylifestyles #iworkoutsoicaneat #healthierchoices

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2017-10-17 02:55:15

Today's full day of eating! 🥑🍎🥔 haven't tracked macros in 5 days due to friends in town then traveling. Just ate mindfully! 🙃 while eating out is fun, I love eating my homemade meals. So, it's back to macros today! Now for those meals... . 🌰Meal 1 @ 6:45am: 330cal • 39C | 13F | 20P - protein steel cut oats {recipe on my blog, link in bio} + @traderjoes Mixed Nut Butter 🍎Meal 2 @ 10:00am: 261cal • 32C | 9F | 13P - apple + 2 hard-boiled eggs 🍚Meal 3 @ 1:00pm: 406cal • 54C | 3F | 41P - chicken breast, brown rice + cauliflower rice mix, mixed veggies 🥜Meal 4 @ 3:30pm: 519cal • 80C | 14F | 22P - @einsteinbros Cinnamon Raisin bagel + @nutsnmore protein peanut butter + @bitemeals Gooey PB Chocolate Chip Blondie 🍳Meal 5 @ 8:30pm: 357cal • 45C | 8F | 35P - egg white omelette topped with salsa, @eatwholly guacamole, feta + sauerkraut, delicata squash, brussel sprouts 🍫Meal 6 @ 9:30pm: 206cal • 19C | 8F | 20P - chocolate smoothie bowl with @slapnutrition chocolate protein, bananas, frozen cauliflower, cocoa powder, topped with @paleonola maple pancake granola . Total: 2,079cals • 269C | 54F | 151P

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2017-10-16 21:32:45


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