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2017-10-23 21:13:12

Hello? Monday. Is that you? 🐾 S’ok, I’m not mad you just have a bad rep. 😘 I get to spend more time on a stoop hooman-watching! I try to look serious but people just stop and tell me how cute I am! 🙊😜 This weekend my Papi (aka. Chicken Man 🍗) came to see me from S.C. and we had lots of fun playing together! 🐶➡️🎾 PLUS I showed him all my tricks (for the chicken)! 😍 Who’s the one who spoils YOU with special treats? #trickortreatyoself #imspoiled #cutechihuahua #chihuahuasofIG #nycdog #fashiondog #dogsofNYC

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2017-10-23 18:14:53

How do you like my sexy pose ?☺️👌🏻

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2017-10-23 15:58:08

Repost @angel_and_bailey Angel and Bailey's cuteness makes us miss summer already😍🏝 ! How about you? ・・・ Hawaiian shirt: Http://unitedpups.com/cp ・・・ #maltipoo

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2017-10-23 11:23:14

⑊ Lovely sunset :) ⑊ こんな夕陽を浴びながら おさんぽ出来たこと、 それだけで感謝だね🌄

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