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2017-11-18 07:00:05

I still believe that this is the most beautiful night I've ever spent outdoors. I had 2 days off in a row in Yosemite and I planned on utilizing them. When I got off work on Friday I started searching online for beautiful locations. Eventually I found second lake. I immediately packed up my camping gear and started driving. I spent the night about an hour away and then drove to the trailhead around 10am. The hike was a pretty mellow 4.5 miles and I got to the lake early. I was astonished. The lake was a beautiful aquamarine. It looked like something out of Canada. I set up camp pretty early and spent the day slacklining and swimming in the frigid water. When night time rolled around I stepped out onto a small peninsula of rock so I had water nearly all around me. At its tip there was just enough land for my tripod and I to stand comfortably. I stood out there alone in silence for hours watching the Milky Way traverse the sky over Temple Crag. The cool thing about where I was standing was that I was surrounded by glassy water which reflected the stars. It felt like I was standing in space. My camera died right after this photo was taken. That was nice, because it allowed me to sit there and soak in the view without the distraction of a LCD screen flashing in the dark. More nights need to be spent like this.

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2017-11-18 03:10:37

Tau gak, kalo mau traveling sama banyak orang suka ada aja yang alesan dan gak pasti? Gak bisa ini lah, gak mau itu lah, gak yakin apa lah, & macem-macem lainnya sampe ujung-ujungnya pada gak jadi jalan. Eitss.. kali ini enggak. Berhubung gue anaknya suka yang pasti-pasti aja, besok 19-20 November 2017 bakal ada yang pasti hemat, pasti praktis, pasti dapet cashback dari @tokopedia si PHP #PemberiHarapanPasti Pengen tau apa? Yuk cek di http://bit.ly/dgpdonil

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2017-11-19 04:22:25

And think not you can direct the course of love, for love, if it finds you worthy, directs your course - Khalil Gibran

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2017-11-18 05:27:20

Frank Ocean and Sam Smith keep me going through the tough times and the good times. Who are some of your favorite singers? Need recommendations

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