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2017-10-23 18:11:11

Here is my current physique after a run last night at 190lbs/86kg. . . So I’ve been on a bulk because I’m trying to add size and separation to my legs. And with being having excess fat, I haven’t really felt like my body has been to my posting standards . . I came to the conclusion though, that I’m going to start posting more footage of what I look like year long. Not just footage from the summer months being completely shredded. The thing is, once you begin bodybuilding you will never be completely satisfied with how you look.

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2017-10-23 22:00:25

😎💪What do yall think about this parkour? Yes or no? 👍👊👎 . . Follow @coach4fitness for more fitness tips and inspiration. 😎💪❤ . .

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2017-10-23 14:41:57

It's a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together. I'm very thankful to @haute.flair for this pretty set. So feminine, so sensual in all details. If you want to #surprise your #love with this #sexy set for #halloween , take a look at @haute.flair lingerie. 🌹🖤❤️🎁❤️🖤🌹🎁❤️🖤🌹 #hauteflair #lingerie #lingerieset #lingeriemodel #lingerieblogger #lingeriefashion #fit #fitmom #fitwoman #fitmodel #instadaily #instafit #instawoman #instalingerie #woman #womanstyle #womanfashion #followme #likeit

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2017-10-24 00:14:19

Do you crave junk food? Tap the link in my profile for a free report that shows you how to stop craving junk food!!!

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2017-10-23 23:57:52

Do Something Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For 💯. 📸 @sarmarie_ ➡️Go Follow @sarmarie_

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2017-10-23 18:35:50

Sizce Statham oyunculuk yapabileceğine inanmasa, o mesleği sever miydi? Önce kendinize inanın, sonra yaptığınız işi sevin!

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2017-10-23 04:17:34

Nothin' but tape and muscle 😎💪🏼 - Last night at the @maximmag Halloween party with @blacktapeproject 🖤 #happyhalloween 👹

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2017-10-23 12:16:24

Uno, due, tre.. stella! ⭐️ @donatellabuccino #bellezze_italiche_calabria

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2017-10-23 22:09:30

Taking on this Monday like👊 It’s going to be GREAT week!! Let’s kick ass and make it happen guys!!!😃

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2017-10-23 19:50:20

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2017-10-23 16:15:26

Hello 👋🏼 #dreamfitgirls

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