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2017-10-20 18:29:38

Your recent emoji describes your parents: 💜 - Featuring @superstarcharchar Vc: @jordanmatter

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2017-10-20 18:07:35

The @thenx crew will be at the Fit Expo in Fort Lauderdale, this Saturday and Sunday Oct 21st-22nd 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 We are gonna be having competitions, challenges and give aways all day so make sure to pass by our booth #413 & #512 to win some thenx gear or just to say hi 😊See you all tomorrow! 🔥 #Thenx

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2017-10-20 21:18:44

☾ You are strong when you know your weaknesses. You are beautiful when you appreciate your flaws. You are wise when you learn from your mistakes. • Buddha So inspired by @lamise to try getting deeper into this posture 🙏🏽

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2017-10-20 18:19:01

Be patient with yourself. It will all come in time. The real gift, however, is when you start to enjoy the process 🙏🏻 Then it won’t matter what you are working on or what you are doing. ❤️ Thanks for sharing @shylasvsyoga #inflexibleyogis ・・・ And the journey continues!! Today’s transformation is for my Natarajasana or dancer pose 🙏🏽 hips more aligned and shoulders more open and I can reach my leg with both hands! 🙈😍 I can’t believe this is happening! I have to work on my balance as I can only hold few breaths doing it so there’s another thing to work in 🌬This is one of the most beautiful poses I think, and it has a lot of variations that I love to try, and you? Do you love dancer’s pose as well?

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2017-10-20 16:18:16

Heavyweight flips and stuff with @clarencekennedy_ 💪😁 #tricking

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2017-10-20 22:36:11

#Repost @yogi_goddess (@get_repost) ・・・ "It's not about standing above anyone. It's about walking as tall as you possibly can." . . Join us for #standingtallasanas October 20-31, where we'll be celebrating some of our favorite standing asanas. . . Your Hosts: @elisheva_yoga (Amber) @twistedgalpal (Pallvi) @yogi_goddess (Phyllicia) @zenbeeni (Shereen) Sponsors: @aloyoga @radhabeauty . . . Poses: Day 1: Shereen: Side Stretch Day 2: Phyllicia: Forward Bend Day3: Amber: Standing Backbend Day 4: Pallvi: Dancer Day 5: Shereen: Goddess Day 6: Phyllicia: Fierce Pose Day 7: Amber: Compass Chair Day 8: Pallvi: Pyramid Day 9: Shereen: Warrior 3 Day 10: Phyllicia: Standing Split Day 11: Amber: Lunge Day 12: Pallvi: Half Moon . . . To join: 1. Follow all hosts & sponsors. 2. Repost flyer and invite friends to play. 3. Use tag #standingtallasanas in your daily posts and tag hosts & sponsors so we see your beautiful posts 4. Make your fellow yogis feel loved with comments! . . . . . . . #yoga #yogini #yogaeverydamday #namaste #yogapose #asana #balance #yogagram #yogagirl #benddontbreak #flexibility #yogisofinstagram #onebreathatatime #yogaflow #practiceandalliscoming #fitness #fit #healthy #wellness #aloyoga #beagoddess #igyogachallenge #yogachallenge

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2017-10-20 15:47:42

I’ve been doing a lot of forward folds lately so this is a well relevant repost. Let’s fold with integrity! Open up those Hammies safely :) - This is for my peeps that struggle with forward folds! Lose the rounding and you will find length, lose the ego and through props you will find strength :) -- But seriously, use strap, towel, shirt to help you lengthen and take your fold into your hamstrings and out of your upper back. Shoulders shrugged back when you're pulling yourself down and engage the kneecaps to engage the thighs! Tag someone who wants to touch their toes!

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2017-10-20 22:33:42

Modèle @coco_contorsion #sport #flexibility super shooting 👌

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2017-10-20 13:34:45

Aii ich mag das Video nicht 😧💗 danke das ihr wieder so aktiv seit ! 😊 Again ein Video mit @annaemcnulty :)! Könnt ihr sie markieren? #turnen #gymnastics #vergleich #flexibleworld #flexiblegirl #flexible #flexibility #brücke #handstand #split #spagat #overneedle #oversplit

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2017-10-20 16:49:30

++ Featuring: @clarice_lantalilly @jordanmatter ✨❤️

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2017-10-20 20:47:35

That's some insane flexibility @kylecraglecircus @insidegym 😳😳😳 #grt

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