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2017-11-22 05:17:08

It started with ‘Omg omg, are you Travel in Her Shoes?!’ to me and Kiki just hanging out chatting at this cute little coffee shop in Tulum. ::::: I can’t express enough how much I love running into you all over the world - from Bangkok to New York, Italy, Greece, Mexico, London, Poland, Bali - one of you was even a flight attendant and came up to me ‘here is your special meal, Travel in Her Shoes’ haha 😍😘 ::::: Couldn’t be more proud of the kind of people that this little space attracts. You are all kind loving, positive, ambitious and sweet and I’m proud and honored to be connected with you through my photos and content! And if we haven’t met yet, keep looking out for me all over the world! Taking off tomorrow morning to another destination! ❄️ :::::: The saying ‘Your vibe attracts your tribe’ could not be more true - I love you #AggieTribe to the moon and back!!! ::::: Special thanks to @travelwithkiki (check her out!) #tulum #mytribe #storiestribe #myfollowers #yourvibeattractsyourtribe #mexico #vegan #matcha #matchalover #besties #girlpower

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2017-11-23 04:46:25

DEUCES #sofiavergara

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2017-11-22 21:43:58

You can consider yourself lucky, when you can call many places home 🏡 👇 I am back, and extremely happy to be spending the beginning of the winter ❄️ season here in #Montreal . It's always great to take breaks from the social media world. 2017 is almost ending, and I am back in Montreal getting ready to welcome 2018 with new plans and adventures. I will be sharing some great news and changes soon. I still have some cool shots I took during my recent visit to Lebanon to share with you, so hope you will enjoy them. Keep Jumping!! • #GlobeJumpers #KeepJumping #independenceday 🇱🇧 • Jumper: @theglobejumpers

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2017-11-22 17:20:30

Inside the Oculus in NYC. The light in here is absolutely stunning 😍✨

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2017-11-23 04:33:35

Be still my 💙 Moments before @tracy_komlos and I cannon bombed into the clear, fresh waters of the cenotoe ⁚ ⁛ ⁚ ⁛ ⁚ ⁛ Question for all of you - Do you call it canon bomb or canon ball? 💣 Everyone seems to be making fun of be saying there is no such thing as a bomb but I swear there is!!! Who’s on #teamlisa ? ⁚ ⁛ ⁚ ⁛ ⁚ ⁛ Wearing one of my fav suits from @lareveche, I’m obsessed with every piece I have!! Best fit, fabric and is just so beautiful. They makes any photo better! Haha #pangeadreams #pdtrtulum #quintanaroo #canonball #cenote

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2017-11-22 17:57:12

I felt like in a Winnetou movie!

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2017-11-22 18:24:54

КАК ДОБРАТЬСЯ ДО ЦЕНТРА БУДАПЕШТА ОТ АЭРОПОРТА? Всегда думала, что ответ на этот вопрос может загуглить каждый, но количество подобных вопросов в Директ просто зашкаливало🙈 Поэтому специально для вас делаю отдельный пост👌🏻 1. Самый дешевый способ - воспользоваться экспресс автобусом 100E. Он едет быстрее другого общественного транспорта так как делает только 3 остановки👍🏻 Стоимость - 900 форинтов (200 рублей) , возможна оплата картами в терминале, расположенном около остановки, но проще купить билет у водителя 💳 2. Второй способ обойдётся дороже, но будет быстрее: можно воспользоваться такси 🚕 Fötaxi. Трансфер от аэропорта будет стоить примерно 7000 форинтов ( 1500 рублей)

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2017-11-22 19:33:03

Living the island life for 4 more days! Definitely in need of some more coconuts 🥥 @fortunateonestore (📸: @jessihoffy)

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2017-11-22 16:36:51

Montenegro is one of the cutest countries in terms of architecture! Italy is one of my favs too, that’s the reason I’m so excited to go to Tuscany next year in April for @blogger.week, can’t wait! 💕 👗 by @pitusa.co

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2017-11-22 18:31:33

HAPPINESS comes from within 💫When it rains look for rainbows 🌈 When its dark look for stars ✨ Who else chooses to be positive in life?! 🌟

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