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2017-10-21 02:37:50

341x2 (my last meet max was 341) 4 weeks out! So I’m pretty excited about doubling my old max and doing it as a cat🐈 that @mbslingshot fresh sleeve feeling thoooo🙌🏼😍 @girlswhopowerlift thanks to my peeps for the hype up❤️@that_hugeasian_guy @nate_harris5 @bartellbarbell @idaliaa81 HAPPY grand opening @usironclub 🎉

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2017-10-21 11:58:50

Biceps vs. Hamstring 💪🏼 @creategains - - #creategains 📽 @karinaelle @mrolympia08 - #biceps #hamstrings #bodybuilding #fitness

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2017-10-21 19:02:11

Horse gains 🐎 @bradbrowe - Via @shredded.union - - #shreddedunion #legday #hamstrings #glutes

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2017-10-20 15:03:31

Leg day...broke my bloody back trying to take these. Nearly popped my hip out 😂😂 I'll stick to the way I normally do it...plus I'm totally cheating here...my bum is not that big 😂 A good leg sesh before a night out is a must. Off to rave it up at @bristolinmotion with @ellenbaker94 Mk and @djwillclarke going to increase the ass gains 👌🏻👌🏻😂 Shout out to @brennanpeircept I'm sure the poor lad is sick of being tagged in my arse posts but he does my programmes so if you want to know them, follow him 😊 #fitmum #bristol #rave #techno #glutes #quads #hamstrings #supersets #allblack #popthatbooty #needatan #irishskin #progress #notashamed

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2017-10-21 22:03:30

Happy Saturday Friends! 🤗 I made it into the gym today for some lower body work and 20 minutes of stairs. I am happy to say that I made it through the stairs and some LIGHT lower body work without any pinching in my back or in my shoulder!🎉 👉🏼I wanted to show you guys this little video of a warm up that I did today. This is a great way to warm up your glutes and Hamstrings before you begin with weights. Just grab a a thick(heavy duty) resistance band and stretch it (carefully!) around J-hooks on a rig. Play around with different strengths of thick bands and heights with the j-hooks. Tag your workout buddy!🙌🏼

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2017-10-21 15:31:58

Ab superset 💙 to be honest, I don’t do specific ab exercises all that often 🙈 but every time I start my workout with a few sets, my back feels stronger and my abs are engaged through my entire workout, no matter what body part I’m working on 💪🏽 give 2-3 rounds of this superset a try next time you’re at the gym!

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