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2017-11-20 15:26:03

Aujourd'hui pour rester dans l'ambiance du CSF, je suis partie avec mon tote bag Atelier Brunette 😍, mon #masgotshawl et mon dernier #giletcannelle cousu en lainage du marché 💙💙💙 C'était tellement chouette de passer cette journée avec mes tricopines @christelvillette et @cilourosiers , de faire un coucou à @triple_l_de_mag et de rencontrer en vrai l'adorable @pauline_eline et sa soeur 💕💕💕 #igenvraicestencoremieux #jeportecequejecouds #jeportecequejetricote #iwearwhatiknit #iwearwhatisew #handmadeclothes

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2017-11-20 15:30:59

Можно долго спорить является ли сарафан базовой вещью. 🌿Я отвечу - вполне может быть! Берём классическую модель без ярких броских деталей, качественный материал, нейтральный цвет и удобную длину (немного выше колена - середина голени). 🌿Чем хорош такой сарафан? Его можно комбинировать с блузами, рубашками, футболками, свитерами, пуловерами, футболками - это раз! Разнообразие подходящей обуви - это два! В этом сезоне стилисты предлагают нам смело комбинировать ботфорты с длинными юбками и платьями. И с сарафаном они тоже более чем уместны. По опыту прошлой зимы скажу: сарафан + свитер = нереально тепло🔥 . #cottoncandy_wear . P.S.: Street style образы для вдохновения)

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2017-11-20 15:18:05

Day 20 of #bpsewvember Luxury My biggest luxury and best present to myself is subscribing to @sewhayleyjane ‘s luxury box. Every month she sends me a box with 3,5 metres of luxurious fabric, a pattern and haberdashery items. All outfits in thise slideshow were made with fabric from the box. This was my first experience with more expensive fabric and I haven’t looked back since. I always felt that as a beginner I should sew with cheap fabric, but fabric of good quality helps you improve so much as a sewist. I now look for quality in fabric and sometimes that comes at a bargain price, but price is not the thing I look at first these days. Since subscribing to this box I’ve also experimented more with colours and patterns. It’s like a lovely gift to myself each month and the one indulgence I always allow myself even when trying to sew from my stash only. #sewhayleyjanemakes

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2017-11-19 19:04:04

Sweetest model from @beginningsandseasons ❤️

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2017-11-20 12:30:00

This method of joining two yarn ends together is so fast, super easy and has saved me from weaving in a tons of ends. Isn't that what we all want when we have to use almost 20 skeins of yarn to make a sweater dress🤔😁. I finished this beauty literally right before she had to leave for the airport. I made this with no pattern, no direction and going completely off her measurements and some good ole math. I can't wait to see photos of her wearing this in Iceland. I've never made a lot of things that you should being a beginner knitter but I made this. Happy Monday!

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2017-11-20 18:18:13

Another sweet little sibling set❤️

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2017-11-15 16:04:52

Spinnability ✔️ soft and beautiful ✔️ Eb is loving this cute outfit made by @fly_bird_handmade thanks again for sending it to her 😘 #handmadeclothes

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2017-11-20 17:26:58

Gros coup de cœur pour la fausse fourrure @pretty_mercerie ♥️ d'une douceur... Même mon chat n'est pas aussi doux ! 😂 Tout ça pour vous dire qu'on vous prépare un petit quelque chose 😉 Ps : Mettez un : 😺 si vous voyez l'intrus qui se cache sur cette photo, en mode camouflage, ni vu ni connu. #kitbyklo #prettymercerie #faussefourrure #beautifulfabrics #coutureaddict #faitmain #sewingproject #handmadeclothes

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