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2017-10-15 06:10:29

The importance of having a good grip strength. One of the most important yet neglected areas in our training is the grip strength. We do not really focus on the grip strength factor and end up doing a fewer reps because of weak grip strength. In exercises like the deadlifts, bicep curls, lat pull down are a few of the many exercises that require a great grip strength. Imagine having the strength to pull the weight but a weak grip lets you perform only few of those reps that you actually perform. Grip strength is essential fro a functionality perspective as well. Everything you do in your daily life requires a lot of objects to be lifted and moved. All of this requires hand strength or grip strength to be completed. Even exercises like the hanging leg raises require a great grip strength without which you will not be able to perform these exercises at all. One of the most important benefits of a great grip strength is the ability to let the person push for heavier weights without having to worry about injuries. Imagine a powerlifter trying to deadlift 200kg, a weak grip will firstly not allow him to lift that heavier weights and secondly will always be at a risk of an injury. The start of every strength training program starts with a strong grip strength as it is the starting point of any load bearing activity. Another added advantage is the appealing look of the forearms. A good grip strength will result in a good strong looking forearms that look aesthetically pleasing as well. #GripStrength #HandStrength #Gripping #PGTraining

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2017-09-12 12:40:28

92kg/203lb on The Flask after 3 weeks of total rest from grip training. Huge PR!!! @squeezus_christ @barrelstrengthsystems

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2017-10-08 23:34:33

Blob training at its finest. SG Immortal Blob. Shot and Plate loadable. http://www.strongergrip.com/grip-gear/loadable-blob/. #strongergrip #gripstrength #pinchgrip #blob #handstrength

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2017-10-18 16:28:27

ส่งการบ้านครูโจ้ฮับ @joh_hhc หัวไหล่จะแตกอยู่แล้วววว 🤣 #hoyhoncircus #nochallengenochange #handstrength #bodystrength #handstands

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2017-10-13 18:44:09

Digging this pullup tip from @5ftoffury1. Try it out this weekend and let us know how it goes! . #Repost @5ftoffury1 (@get_repost) ・・・ Towel pullups-- great for grip! I lost my grip on this towel after 2 reps! 😮 (set 2 of the cycle) #getagrip #pullups #griptraining #towelpullups #handstrength #gripstrength #strongwoman #nomeatathlete #veganathlete #vegan #strongvegan #girlswholift #whatvegansdo

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2017-10-06 03:05:04

🖤 this clip of #longbackstretch --- strong 🤚(and strong 👣) >strong shoulders (and hips) >flexible spines > super strong CORE. #connected #tensegrity #handstrength #corestrength @amyalpers @beabokuvka @marisoolvalentin @erinpilates --- join us tomorrow evening, Friday October 6th 5-8PM for Amy Alpers' workshop: Finding your Center through your Hands and Feet' . Everyone's welcome! $150. Sign up by commenting 🔽 or through MINDBODY

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2017-10-11 11:28:55

Bermuda Bangles are great for fidgeting, stress relief and building hand strength! #fidget #stressrelief #handstrength @mamachewi @chewigemcanada @educadora_webshop @chewigemausnz

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2017-07-22 20:14:49

Found my way back to bouldering @verticalventures with @nick._.parent and @mcp82501 • • #bouldering #verticalfitness #handstrength #theburg #stpete

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2016-07-26 16:13:46

Towel pull ups . Aside for wiping your sweat , another use for towels. Great way to build overall hand strength . Once you get use to these , it will help out your overall pull up game . #hardworkpaysoff #pullups #pullupsfordays #handstrength #feeltheburn

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