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2017-11-18 21:14:04

Day 17 of #yoga4x7 with @cyogalab is #durvasana variations After a 90min deep hip opening class this morning I attempted both variations, from #lizardpose and at the wall. This is probably the closest I have ever gotten to putting my leg behind my head. It seems like my hips are opening up waaay slower than other parts of my body. In the end it doesn't matter because it's a never ending journey, so they have all the time in the world to release🌄 ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' #yoga #yogachallenge #yogainspiration #yogaeverydamnday #igyogacommunity #igyogafam #yogisofinstagram #yogisofig #yogapose #yogapractice #practiceandalliscoming #asana #asanapractice #hipopener #hipstretch #strength #flexibility #fitgirl #fitspo #love #namaste

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2017-11-18 18:31:04

What’s that block doing underneath my foot in good old reverse warrior pose? 😊 Well it’s a way to vary the traditional pose to offer new loads for the body to adapt to! Try this move out and lots more in my newest online class to release in my library: *Mix-It-Up Flow 2*! ... If you’re not a member of my class library, it’s just $8.99/month (and you can cancel anytime!) It’s full of tons of science-based classes from me and other awesome teachers whose work I admire (and the collection is continually growing as new classes are added!) ... Check it out on my website, and fit some more yoga into your weekend this weekend! 💙

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2017-11-17 19:30:04

У меня получилась какая-то прям неделя #ногазаголовой , что ни пост, так #екападаширшасана 😅 которая у меня, кстати, так себе😏 и, вот очередное #практикуйивсепридет , и вроде дышится легко, и уже не надо долго и нудно греться предварительно😉 А ещё у меня пропала любимая Камера Awesome📸 которая теперь не совмещается с последним дебильнейшим обновлением IOS🤷🏻‍♀️ 🔫 половина прог пропала, ничего не грузится, все висит, сообщения приходят с опозданием или вот, например, полугодовалой давности🤦🏻‍♀️ жду с диким нетерпением исправления ошибок🙏🏼 а кто не обновился, тот молодец👍🏼 ... November’s #yogachallenge #Yoga4x7 with @cyogalab and @livesankalpa 🔥 ~~~~~~~~~ Day 1️⃣7️⃣😊 ▶️▶️▶️ #Durvasana variant 🤸🏼‍♀️ _________________ #йога #йогавмоскве #йогадома #баланс #гибкость #растяжка #yoga #yogaaddict #yogaeverydamnday #yogapractice #practiceandalliscoming #practiceyogadaily #flexibility #balance #hipopener #legbehindthehead #ekapadasirsasana #homeyoga #kharina_homeyoga #tgif 💃🏼

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2017-11-18 15:35:13

🎶 I am a passenger, and I ride and I ride 🎶. I feel like traveling to somewhere warm, or road tripping. I'm not sure I'll survive winter without! #harempants from @bohemian_island and #mala from @koruailtd . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #upavisthakonasana #wideleggedforwardfold #boatpose #navasana #corestrength #fityogi #flexibilitytraining #flexibilitynation #fitnation #bendy #hipopener #flexible #yogapants #stronggirl #outdooryoga #yogaoutside #yogaoffthemat #balancingpose #strongcore

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2017-11-17 02:05:06

🗓🎲🎛 Day 1️⃣7️⃣ of #Yoga4x7 with @cyogalab 🔀 #Durvasana variant 🎛🎲🗓 Alright, serious #hipopener time, are you ready? For today, I’m proposing this leg behind the head variant, but you can try any version that’d help you pass the head under, deeper. From teaching it many times, I’ve seen most people find the wall, or floor, very helpful because they can ‘hold’ onto it as the body continues to pass through. After a number of standing poses, squats and pigeons, face a wall and step one foot high up on it, bend its knee and sink, deeply folding those flexors. On exhale, pass one arm under until the shoulder touches the hamstrings (take some breaths in this part, it’s a crucial one!), then continue to pass the body under the leg, see if the head can stick out like a turtle coming out a shell… 2 things you’ll likely want to do but shouldn’t, would be: 1️⃣ maintain the upper foot as high as its kneecap, don’t let it slide because, the lower the leg, the smaller the space to go through and the more it’ll round your back (no bueno!), making it also difficult to breathe; 2️⃣ find the right distance with the lower leg so you’re not too close (you’ll bounce off the wall) nor too far (won’t have any leverage), AND keep its knee as straight as you can, once again, the further you bend it, the more it’ll round the spine, making the transition even more difficult. When the back is fairly straight, you’ll also access and rotate from the hip, which is what you want. Don’t worry how far you get, focus on that opening be gentle and compassionate. As I mentioned earlier, a similar pose can be done with both feet on the ground. Watch out for more ideas tomorrow and stay positive, see what happens!! For translation in other languages, follow and check out daily these accounts ⬇️⬇️⬇️: Russian: @cyogalab_ru Korean: @cyogalab.korean Portuguese: @cyogalab_portuguese Mongolian: @cyogalab_mongolian

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2017-11-18 16:49:15

When you make mobility training a priority, your body will thank you 🙃💯 . . Thanks for the SHOUT OUT @rebel.movement 👌 . . @gymnasticbodies ONLINE STRETCH COURSES 💥 . . #flexibility #mobility #hipopener #stretch #balancedbody #GST #gymnasticstrengthtraining #gymnasticbodies #christophersommer

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2017-11-18 14:56:11

Slowly getting back into it and figuring out where my body is currently at. My chest and shoulders and back/spinal twists are super tight probably from all the bent over nursing that’s been happening so looking forward to start to work on opening that all back up again. Then as expected my core strength is minimal but I was shocked to see just how much arm and shoulder strength I’ve lost over the last 6 weeks but muscle memory is an amazing thing so I’m sure it won’t take too long to build back up. Wearing @reebokmena Mat @unit_nine #stretching #splits #reebok #reebokwomen #fitness #hipopener #6weekspostpartum

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2017-11-17 16:47:36

Happy freakin’ Friday, lovers. I hope you seek abundance and love in all that you do 💜❤️ #aloyoga Favorite threads x @aloyoga Snapped x @colour_binge

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2017-11-17 02:07:59

✨HOW TO DO PIGEON POSE✨ This is one of my favorite poses because it is one of the most effective hip openers. 🙌🏽 It also stretches the front body, abdomen, groin, and psoas. - Correct ✅😁: • Arch of foot is flat on the floor (not to the side). • Hips are square and level. This starts with your back foot. You can tuck your back toes under to help spiral your thigh down. • Thigh spirals down. This will position your hips to the correct level. Your knee should facing the floor, not the side. • Shoulders are level, because the hips are level. - Incorrect ❌😝: • Back foot is laying on it's side. This will throw off the entire pose. • Hips are not square or level. Since the back foot is laying on it's side, it is rolling the entire leg in the wrong direction. • Thigh is spiraling outwards, causing the knee to facing sideways, and this is also putting your knee at risk. • Shoulders are not level, because the hips are not level. • • • • • Photo/caption by @actionjacquelyn 💙 #yogalifeco

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2017-11-18 18:03:06

Went for a wander yesterday in some of the olive fields around the area by my house.. so many to chose from I was spoilt for choice and I only got 5 minutes away from my home 🙈 this winter is going to be a fun an adventurous one! I can feel it 🙌🏼☺️ 💚 So I decided to go for a lizard pose for my hip opener as it felt appropriate for the scenery and also because I love lizards and there are soooo many around here and in our house there so adorable 😊 💚 Day 6: Open - Hip ✔️ #lettheelementsinspire . . Hosts: @karina_look_for_beauty @mama_layla_rose @leighyogipilot @dianarae.yoga Sponsors: @niyama_sports @lovescapesart @totemmilife @slit_weave @youphoria @yogaclubbox @yogapaws @artistryofintentions @tula.blue @malama.o.aloha @nillbeanaccessories . . 💚 Also just realized I forgot to post my lizard pose for Day 8 of #kingpigeonproject ! Whoops 🙈 sorry guys.. here it is 😁 . . . 💚 Wearing my cameo fade leggings by @altaregoapparel can grab yourselves 15% off all orders with my code ELAKSHI go check them out sure you’ll find some you love! 😘 . . . 💚 #fitness #yogaeverydamnday #yogi #lizardpose #yogisinthetrees #yogalove #fitnessmodel #yoga #utthanpristhasana #fitfam #flexibility #natureyoga #yogachallenge #yogagirl #hipopener #yogini #yogaeverywhere #igyoga #yogalife #fitspo #instayoga #yogisofinstagram #yogaeveryday #yogainspiration #yogawithaview #worldyoga #outdooryoga

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