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2017-10-15 05:53:30

This is what I get for offering words of motivation. #lendingahand #motivation #gardening #teamwork

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2017-08-15 18:30:25

Cook off!👩🏼‍🍳 #sophiakarin #lendingahand #thehappynow #momlife

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2017-07-10 03:56:42

Here's where I spent my Saturday - helping at the #familyfarm while my pregnant sis takes a little break. #lendingahand #notseriouslyworking (I may not be there "a lot," but trust that I'm there more than you see on social media!)

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2017-08-29 20:55:55

Everyone needs a hand now and then. Right now, it's the people and animals of Houston. 🙏 If you are interested in making an animal related donation you can check out @dallasdogrrr @austinpetsalive @aspca These organizations are currently focused on the Houston rescue. #lendingahand (Melvin & the gang updates coming soon. I'm already crazy about him and he's well ingrained into the pack, although he does try to avoid Bikini. But you know, she's more of a slow/grow relationship type of girl 😀).

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2017-09-20 14:00:11

Happy Wednesday!!! Shoutout to @leahmcleod__ for going above and beyond to help our community!!! So proud of you!!! #lendingahand #aftermath #prayforall #seniorstatus

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2017-10-19 14:13:39

Find out how Fidelity UK are supporting us and our veterans. #painting #gardening #lendingahand #thankyou #teamwork

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2017-05-31 22:16:56

So many firsts for baby (and mom). #sittingup #newsights #lendingahand #roundtheclock #lovecarters

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2017-09-09 18:02:42

#Repost @issoseva ISSO Colonia went to the Community Food Bank of New Jersey as a service project. Here they packaged and organized all the food that had been raised through donations. Over a span of 2 hours they packaged and prepared over 390 boxes to be sent out to those in need! #ISSOSEVA #servinghumanity #lendingahand #issocolonia

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2017-08-11 15:30:34

Day 4 of the Africa Service Trip: As word continues to spread about our medical camp, we are seeing more and more people show up. Today we served 2328 people! Even with such large numbers our physicians and dentists are providing the highest quality of care to each patient. Along with this camp, some of the volunteers visited a local school and educated the kids about dental hygiene. There we provided 2,222 kids with toothbrushes and toothpaste. Lastly, we visited a children's hospital and provided them with snacks and drinks! #servinghumanity #lendingahand #ISSOSEVA

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