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2017-10-21 22:35:04

#TwerkTeam ! 🍑🍑 For the last mobility/stretch video this hip series with @DocJenFit, we are addressing hip adduction and abduction!! These are just fancy words for “bringing the thighs together” and “spreading the thighs apart.”😉 Having the ability to spread the legs apart or cross them over each other will with help with squatting, dance, deadlifting, gymnastics, etc. The hips are pretty much meant to be able to move in every possible direction🔄 in a controlled manor🕹. If you found that you are limited ❌in any range of motion, working on improving that motion with the videos📲 this week will help your knees, hips, and back. . . @DocJenFit is demonstrating the harder 💯variation of both adbuction (first exercise) and adduction (second exercise) because she is #flexy AF. 💁🏻 . . For the first set of exercises, gently activating your knees (Jen) or foot (Andrew) down ⬇️into the ground will engage⚡️ the inner thigh muscles WHILE they are being stretched… then relax the muscles and sink into the stretch. Repeat. This contract😡-relax😴 method is great for loosening a muscle and opening up a joint. You can rock forward⬆️ and backward⬇️ in both exercises and play with different angles of the feet. Notice with Andrew’s variation, he rotates the leg and also lifts it off of the ground (strengthening component🔥🔥). . . The second set of stretches are meant to open up the TFL(muscle that attaches to the IT band) and glute medius in the side of the hip. Opening up this range of motion will also help to improve your internal hip rotation. Keep your torso upright and square ◼️with both of these stretches. . . Tomorrow 🔜 @DocJenFit will post the STRENGTHENING exercises for hip abduction and adduction. They are SUPER awesome. -💻Written by Andrew Dettelbach . . ⚡️You can learn to move better and live pain free!  The MoveU Method is a step-by-step online training program to transform your movement and accelerate your journey back to a pain-free life. Learn more about the method by registering and attending a free live webinar.  Click the link in our bio or visit moveu.com/webinar⚡️

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2017-10-23 02:21:00

WE CAN ALL BENEFIT FROM THIS ONE! How do you strengthen the power plant of your legs? Prevent injuries of the knees and ankles. Attend this Wednesday's FREE Maven Seminar at 7pm Maven Center LEARN TO: -Prevent and spot your weak links -Perform hip strengthening exercises -Mobilize & stretch *Light snacks served! #hipstrength #teach #learn #neverstop #shareknowledge #workshop #prevent #injury #kneepain #mobility #strength #trainhard #stayinschool #dpt #doctorofphysicaltherapy #physiotherapy @mbslingshot #mobilitybands @mavencenter

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2017-10-22 21:33:24

REDUCE ANNKLE STIFFNESS . Today we're talking ankles. I see a lot of patients who complain about stiff ankles. And when we check their range of motion, about 50% of them actually have good mobility.😕 They just feel stiff. That's understandable. After all, the ankle joint is compressed repeatedly all day as we stand, walk, run, and jump.💥 . So what I like to do is give a little dynamic ankle work as a warm up to reduce that stiff feeling. And for that, I love the Knee Break exercise. . Here's what to do. 🔹️Stand with the ball of your foot on something about an inch tall. 10 pound plates work well as do book if you're at home. 🔹️Unlock, or break, the knees and push them forward to go into dorsiflexion at the ankle. 🔹️Make sure the knee travels over the middle of the foot and not inside the big toe. 🔹️Do about 20 reps or so. . Using this can be just what you need to decrease that stiffness feeling in the ankle and move a little easier. Hope y'all are having a wonderful weekend.✌❤ . Tag a friend with stiff ankles and share the wealth! . #Prehab101

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2017-10-23 00:42:20

When someone tells you how you 'should' be......and you accept it, you're letting that person determine who you are and what you do. Bullshit. They post cliches and vague generalities and count how many likes they get and then evaluate themselves based on that. Are you fucking kidding? Figure out what you live for, what drives you and what you love to do and then go all in. Drop the hammer on that shit and quit wasting time letting someone define what they think you should be whether it's your parents, your aunt, your mom, who gives a shit. Get self aware, find your talent, and then work your face off in that 1 percent that you're a fucking rockstar in. I don't care what others think about my failures, I fail all the time, I just don't put any time into it. Move on, keep smashing and in 3 years you're at the top of the food chain while everyone that doubted you runs around telling all their other loser friends how they got to meet you. Want the real formula? Quotes are easy as hell, execution is hard. More doing. Less typing. Box in a Court. Angry Bear Complex (from the hang 😈) 5 sets of 3 reps at 225 lbs Full Bear Complex 1 set at 275 lbs 10 rounds: 10 pull ups 10 plyo push ups Then: 50 sit up strikes Smash you later!! #mobilitywod #powerwod #romwod #getfit #painfree #run #csagym #fitfam #fit #fitaid #nike #reebok #crossfit #crossfitgames #clinicalathlete #fitness #ufc #muscle #nfl #deltacrossfit #mobility #yoga @crossfitmaui @thebarbellwod @cal_strength #strength

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2017-10-22 18:14:42

I do not plan on moving too far from the couch for too long today. 😴😴😴 #restday #descanso

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2017-10-22 00:03:53

Always great to see my guy @fab9osteopro #flyingosteopath , in Los Angeles Great session today getting my body right for the upcoming challenges. #soccer #championsleague #family #athlete #movement #mobility #lamainphysicaltherapy #osteo #pt #rehab #sport #healthandwellness

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2017-10-22 13:59:10

💥Spinal Anatomy💥 ———— Great view of the spinal cord, vertebral bodies and intervertebral discs. . Dissections such as this help us realize how the idea of ‘slipping a disc’ is virtually impossible. Those little suckers are held in pretty tight. . #RehabScience

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2017-10-22 15:05:44

🔺Barry Sanders had such high agility capabilities that he could practically see into the future! - ↪️Changing lives through science and innovation. Join the #ASPI movement.➕ - ↔️Agility is a two component model that consists of changing directions and decision making capabilities. Many times an athlete will excel at one of these, but lack qualities of the other. - 🏈Barry Sanders not only had lightning fast change of direction speed, but is known as one of the best decision makers on the field in the history of the NFL. Barry was able to see patterns unfold in a much shorter time period than anyone else on the field. By predicting these patterns he could make a decision and react before the defense could anticipate his next move. Compared to his opposition, he was practically looking into the future. - - - #achieve #agility #athlete #athletics #baseball #basketball #bodybuilder #bodybuilding #calisthenics #conditioning #determined #discipline #dominate #educate #exercise #fitfam #fitgirl #fitguys #flex #football #fridaynightlights #functionaltraining #gameday #getfit #gymlife #gymrat #gymtime #healthylifestyle #hockey

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2017-10-23 00:21:03

🏋️‍♀️The UPPERCUT🏋️‍♀️ Tap into ALL of your power by bringing your butt down, through, then up. Athletes often rush this & don't have enough of a "down" phase & end up rainbow'ing the bar in front. This makes it harder to finish behind the bar bc your weight is too far forward. Don't jab the bar, UPPERCUT it. - Tag someone who might enjoy this!

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2017-10-22 21:58:32

The Goblet Squat Ankle Stretch is one mobility exercise almost EVERYONE should do prior to barbell training. In my experience, ankle stiffness is one of the most common weak links that hinder squat technique. Here's how to perform. 👇🏼👇🏼 . To start, drop into a deep squat while holding a weighted plate or kettle bell. Holding the weight in front o of you will offset your bodyweight and allow you to focus on the stretch. From this position, shift your weight onto one foot. Push you knee as far forward over your toe until you feel a stretch in the lower calf. After holding for 10-30 seconds, shift to the other leg. I recommend doing 3-5 sets on each leg.✅ . This is one stretch I perform every day. Try it out and see what happens. If it is effective for your body, you'll notice an easier ability to squat deeper after while maintaining a more upright chest position. 🙌🏼 . If you have a pinch or blocked sensation in the front of your ankle while doing this - I recommend doing the banded joint mobilizations for the ankle (shown in the article linked in my bio 📲📲) prior to this stretch! . Again, to see more of my favorite ankle mobility exercises, check out the blog article linked in my bio!!👊🏻👊🏻 ________________________________ #Squat #SquatUniversity #Powerlifting #weightlifting #crossfit #training #wod #workout #gym #fit #fitfam #fitness #fitspo #oly #olympicweightlifting #hookgrip #mobility #USAW #physicaltherapy #lifting #crossfitter #motivation #AskSquatU #squats #crossfitcommunity

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