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2017-10-17 22:14:37

If you're a photographer or just an Instagram enthusiast like me, 7 places to snap top shots in Paris on the blog today. // link in profile. #traveltuesday

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2017-10-17 22:48:42

Renew, refresh, disconnect.

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2017-10-18 03:19:03

Not my usual kind of post, but this was #mywherever tonight after watching a beautiful sunset at Sunset Beach 🏖 in my happy place! I was with my awesome cousin @dianne1836 She’s a talented photographer and we have a great time together! Check out her gallery! Hope you all are having a good week! 😘💖

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2017-10-17 06:00:07

🌏 This beach was a quite spectacular snorkeling location, not for the corals (Australia's Great Barrier Reef is better in that sense), but for the variety of fish that we saw 🐡 🐠 🐟 I have some cool GoPro footage of it, can't wait to edit it and share it. (Note, the coral in the photo was found on the beach, we obviously didn't take it from the reef itself 🙂).

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2017-10-16 07:30:14

Next level tropical interiors of Mendaka Villa at Nihi Sumba Island 🌴🌴 Go now 🌴🌴 For reservations please email me 📧 brent@smartflyer.com.au #nihi #nihiwatu #sumbaisland #edgeofwildness #traveldesigner #wheresbrentbeen #mrwallacetravel #itlist #gonow #safarimeetsthesea

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2017-10-18 01:35:20

making marigold garlands on the blue ridge parkway // a healing sunday ritual to be present.

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2017-10-17 10:32:54

So majestic.. 🐴 📷@bigskybandits #fortunateone

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2017-10-17 00:14:11

Sunset strolls in Paris 💕

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2017-10-17 14:23:07

@santhiyaresorts のプールで本気で泳いで見た🤘🏻

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2017-10-16 22:32:14

In the middle of everywhere.

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